Best Six (6) Tractors For Round Baling Hay

Planning on round baling hay? Well, you’re going to need a tractor. The type of tractor that you’ll want will depend on the size of your operation and how much hay you plan to bale. For example, if you are a small operation (less than 10 acres) or if you just want to make some hay for your own livestock, then a compact tractor will likely be sufficient. If, however, you are running a larger operation and need to bale hundreds or thousands of acres of hay every year, then you may benefit from a larger tractor with more horsepower.

Best Tractor For Round Baling Hay

Baling hay is a major operation on any farm where hay is grown and sold. It involves using a tractor to cut and pick up hay, then compacting it into large bales. These bales of hay will be used as feed for livestock on the farm or sold to other farms that have livestock.It’s important to get a tractor that can handle baling hay because it is such a labor-intensive process. In this article, we’re going to discuss the best tractors for round baling hay.

Which Is the Best Tractor For Round Baling Hay?

If you’re looking for a tractor that can handle your hay-baling project, there are many options. We’ve reviewed New Holland T7.270, John Deere 8345R, CLAAS Arion 640 CIS, CASE Magnum 340 CVX, and Massey Ferguson 8732S, as well as Yanmar YMRB32 Baler. All of these models offer unique benefits for hay farmers. But which one is right for your operation? Read on to find out.

Tractors For Round Baling Hay

For hay producers looking to minimize their transportation cost and not sacrifice quality, these commercially built tractors are designed for round baling hay without sacrificing power.

New Holland T7.270

The New Holland T7.270 tractor is a great option for round baling hay. This tractor is perfect for round baling hay, because it can handle all types of terrain. It has a gross engine of 228 hp and a fuel tank that holds 104 gallons of diesel. It’s 4×4 MFWD 4WD and comes with hydrostatic power steering, hydraulic wet disc brakes, and an automatic transmission with four forward gears and one reverse gear.

The flatbed has a capacity of 2,200 pounds and is designed for use with round baler discs. The frame design allows for easy attachment of other implements like forks or mowers.

One of my favorite features of this tractor is its low profile hood—it’s not as high as other tractors and allows for easy access when working on repairs or maintenance tasks. This makes it easier to work on moving parts like belts and pulleys without having them get in your way. The New Holland T7.270 tractor cost about $218,000.

Another feature I love about this tractor is its cab; it protects against weather conditions such as rain or snow so that you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable when working outside during inclement weather conditions (e.g., cold temperatures). Nowadays many tractors come equipped with cabs because they’re so important when doing outdoor work during different seasons throughout year; however if one doesn’t come equipped then they can be purchased separately after purchasing new equipment online through companies like Agri Supply Company where we offer discounted prices on all types of agricultural equipment including round balers which make selling those bales much faster than using hand tools alone.

Massey Ferguson 8732S

This model comes with an engine that produces 320hp and a PTO of 275hp, and it can carry 166.4 gallons of fuel. Its cab is standard with air-conditioning, so you’ll be able to stay cool while you’re working hard out in the field.

And don’t worry about steering, the power steering on this model lets you turn with ease, even when your load is heavy or unevenly distributed. The brakes are hydraulic wet disc brakes, which means they’ll stop on a dime but won’t wear out quickly (or ever). And because this tractor is 4×4 MFWD 4WD, it will always have traction no matter what kind of surface you’re driving on or how bad the weather gets outside.

The Massey Ferguson 8732S is a great tractor for round bailing hay. It’s also ideal for small farms and farms in areas with limited access to fuel, as it can run on propane or natural gas instead of gasoline. The price range for this tractor is USD $206,268 to USD $347,440 depending on the edition.

John Deere 8345R

The John Deere 8345R is a great option for round bailing hay. It has a powerful engine and weighs about 11,000 lbs. The maximum bale size is 12x12x4 ft and each round bale weights about 1,000 lbs or about one tonne (1 metric ton). This tractor is available for purchase today for just $217,107.28.

This tractor is powered by a 345 hp engine, which means it’s got plenty of power to get the job done. It’s also equipped with a 325 hp PTO, so you can run your other machinery at the same time. The 180 gallon fuel tank means you’ll have enough fuel to keep working for hours on end without having to stop for a refill. The John Deere 8345 R comes standard with Cabin, ISO Bus and Airconditioning. It also has a host of other features that many other tractors do not have including Front hydraulics, Front PTO and Air brakes.

This tractor is 4×4 MFWD 4WD and features power steering and hydraulic wet disc brakes. You’ll be able to get around easily in any weather condition with its heavy-duty tires and wide stance.

This tractor can be used in many ways including plowing fields before planting crops such as corn or wheat; it can also be used to plant seeds directly into soil with its advanced GPS guidance system which monitors seed depth automatically so you know how deep they are at all times.

CLAAS Arion 640 CIS

CLAAS is a German brand and their Arion 640 CIS tractor represents the latest in German engineering. The CLAAS Arion 640 CIS features a hydraulic bale chamber and hydraulic unloading system, which makes it easier to transport and store hay. The 4WD tractor also boasts a 170 Hp engine that delivers cutting-edge performance no matter what job you need it to do on the farm or ranch.

This tractor is right for those looking for something more than an average hay baler, but don’t want to break the bank with some of the more expensive models out there today. If you’re looking for something rugged yet durable enough to stand up year after year without breaking down then this might just be your new favorite piece of equipment. This tractor is available for purchase today for just 64,977.85.

CASE Magnum 340 CVX

The Magnum 340 CVX is a monster of a machine, but not in the scary sort of way. Sure, it’s got an 8.7-liter engine that pumps out 340 horsepower and 290 PTO horsepower. And yes, it can handle row spacings of up to 40 inches and track widths up to 30 inches. But what makes this tractor a true monster is its ease of use.

The CASE Magnum 340 CVX is a 3-point hitch, hydraulic lift round baler that can bale up to 1.5 tons of hay per hour. It’s also easy to use for other tasks, such as chopping weeds and shredding leaves. The machine weighs 8,865 pounds and has a minimum turning radius of 40 feet. It can be used for round baling hay; however, it will not work with grasses or alfalfa that have been grown hydroponically (without soil).

The PowerDrive is standard on all Magnum 340 CVX models, and you can opt for the CVXDrive system if you want even more power. The CVXDrive system adds even more torque to your machine, so you can take on tougher jobs without feeling like you’re digging into your wallet. If you’re interested in purchasing this machine, expect to pay between $200,000 – $340,000 depending on the condition of your current equipment and how much you want to spend on upgrades.

Yanmar YMRB32 Baler

The Yanmar YMRB32 Baler is the perfect baler for smaller acreages that are looking to get started in round baling. It comes equipped with a 30hp Yanmar engine, which provides plenty of power for your hay making needs. The 32′ bale chamber is large enough to hold up to 1/4 of an acre of grass and small stem material, as well as being able to produce bales up to 28″ wide and 20″ tall at a rate of three per minute. With its 9.5′ reach and 2,400lb capacity, you can easily pick up even your heaviest bales without any strain on yourself or your tractor.

The lift height on this machine is 7.5′, which gives it a nice amount of flexibility when paired with different types of trailers or loading locations (not all gates will accommodate taller units). This compact design also means that it’ll fit nicely onto any farm, no matter how small. Plus its low cost makes it easy on both your wallet and back pocketbook if something were ever were wrong with one part or another down the road (which we don’t think will happen, these things are built like tanks). You can buy Yanmar YMRB32 Baler with about $11,362.

These are some great options for tractors for round bailing hay.

Since you’re looking for the best tractor for round bailing hay, we have a few recommendations. The John Deere 8345R is a great choice if you need something that’s easy to use and will last long. This model comes with an auto-steer system that makes it incredibly easy to maneuver around your field without having to drive behind your tractor, which can be dangerous in some situations. It also has a wide tread width so that it can handle rough terrain easily and won’t get stuck in mud or sand very easily.

You should also consider purchasing the New Holland T7.270 if you want something more rugged than the John Deere model. This vehicle has four-wheel drive capability so that it can handle any type of terrain; however, keep in mind that this means there may be some extra maintenance required on such models since they tend to be used more often than other types of tractors due their versatility when going off road.

Final words,

We hope that this list of tractor options has been helpful in your search for the perfect one. Whether you’re looking for something small and portable or something large and powerful, there are plenty of options out there that will fit your needs. We know it can be overwhelming to choose between so many different brands and models, so we hope these descriptions have helped narrow down which option might be best suited for your needs.

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