Black Cat With Blue Eyes Breed: Genetics Overview & Trait

The Ojos Azules cat is known for its unique eye color, which gives it its name. It has a black coat with blue eyes, which makes it stand out from other breeds of cats. These cats are also known for their intelligence and can be trained to perform various tricks. Because of this, they make an excellent choice for owners who are looking to teach their pets new tricks and games.

Ojos Azules: The Black Cat With Blue Eyes Breed

black kitten with blue eyes
Black Kitten with Blue Eyes

Yellow and green are the most common eye colors in black cats, however, there is an exception. The Ojos Azules, which is an extremely rare cat with limited information available, is the only black cat with blue eyes.

Cats with dark blue eyes were discovered in New Mexico among feral cat populations. The first blue eyes black cat, discovered in 1984, was a tortoiseshell named Cornflower. She was bred to males without the trait, which proved to be dominant, as all her kittens showed it. Later, the breed was named Ojos Azules after it was identified and established. The name Ojos Azules translates to “blue eyes” in Spanish, and the Ojos Azules cat name is fitting because these felines feature beautiful eyes which are a deep blue color.

It is of major concern to know that the gene that causes the intense blue eyes in Ojos Azules cats does not appear to be linked to any particular coat pattern or color. So it is possible to have Ojos Azules cats with blue eyes and dark coats. The coat color is not affected by this gene. However, breeders discovered that the safest way to avoid genetic mutations is when the gene that causes the blue eyes is heterozygous; hence, the Ojos Azules cats have to be crossed with cats that do not possess the blue eyes trait in order to ensure the litter of kittens is unaffected.

In addition to the blue-eyed cats discovered in the United States, a cat with very similar traits was discovered in Australia, even though no Ojos Azules were imported there. Therefore, breeders think that the mutation might be spontaneous amongst domestic cats. The International Cat Association (TICA) first recognized this breed in 1991, and a few breeders continue working with it today. Hence, the Ojos Azules cat is considered a rare breed.

Genetic Explanation Of Black And White Cat With Blue Eyes

Black cats always seem wonderful when they have blue eyes. They seem to bring more special flashes. In fact, the blue cat’s eye comes from two sets of genes – one limits the expression of colors to a specific body area, and the other contains dominant white genes that obscure color.

The blue color of the cat’s eyes is due to the presence of special pigment cells, the melanocytes, in the iris. There are two irises containing melanocytes: the inner layer closest to the back of the eye is an epithelium with dense melanocytes, and the outer layer contains loosely packed melanocytes.

This distinct blue coloration of some cats’ eyes can be better exemplified when you look directly at the transparent glass, the glass window looks very clear, but it looks blue or green on the edge, have you noticed?

This happens simply because the light is broken through a clear surface. The same applies to blue-eyed cats: they do not have pigmented cells in the iris, and because the eyes are round, the light breaks down on the circular surface. Hence, the blue eye color in the cat appears.

Different genes control the color of the coat and eye. But, the melanocytes found in the hair are more active than the melanocytes that are present in the eye. So, black cats have pale eyes, but the original orange Persian can have dark copper eyes. The white cat is the only exception to this rule. Because epistatic white genes predominate and hide other colors, white cats are more likely to be blue than other colorblind cats.

The number of melanocytes in the matrix is correlated with the color of the eye; when the number of melanocytes is high, brown eyes or copper eyes are produced, while the little melanocytes produce green eyes, and pigmented cells rarely produce blue eyes. It can then be concluded that no melanocytes cause red eyes. Blue eyes, as a distinctive feature, can range in color from dark blue to light blue. All cats have blue eyes when they are born. However, if they want to change the color, they will be about 8 weeks old.

So Is It Possible For Black Cats To Have Blue Eyes?

Yes! However, due to genetics, it is not common to see a completely black cat with blue eyes. It is, however, highly common to see a black and white cat having blue eyes. If one has a black cat, one will know that these midnight moggies often have green or yellow eyes.

Traits And Personality Of The Ojos Azules Cat

The Ojos Azules is still a rare breed, not as popular as other breeds, hence, there is little to say about them. However, ones that have been bred by various individuals have been described as being smart, loyal, affectionate, funny, friendly, gentle, social, playful, and active.

The standard description of the Ojos Azules cat breed is yet to be established, however, the radiant blue eyes, are considered to be the main trait that describes the black cat blue eyes breed. The coat of these cats is usually silky and soft, and the cat is medium in size with a somewhat triangular head. The cat has large round eyes with an arched neck. Also, the tail is almost proportionate to the rest of the body, the forehead will be rounded, the nose will have a slight beak, and the muzzle will be angular too. 

The Ojos Azules cat could feature a variety of coat colors because all colors are allowed. However, it has an exception, which is solid white; this is not desirable. So, for instance, you may find an Ojos Azules that features a bicolor coat, or you might find cats that have tan or blue coats. No matter what, all of the coat colors will end up contrasting attractively with the breed’s stunning blue eyes. And many cats will also feature white patches on their body, such as on the feet, on the face, and on the tip of the tail.

Having deep blue eyes is the most distinctive feature of the Ojos Azules cat. It’s however, unfortunate that not much is known regarding their personality of them because the Ojos Azules are still a rare breed. The ones that have been bred, however, have been described as affectionate, loyal, smart, social, playful, friendly, gentle, and active.

This Ojos Azules is a friendly breed and is usually considered as a lap cat as it gets along easily with adults. if you are in search of a loving feline companion with a stunning appearance, consider the Ojos Azules. The Ojos Azules kitties can easily be integrated with other pets, including other felines; they are highly social and get along well with other pets easily.

The Ojos Azules cats need a moderate amount of attention, and they also desire to be active. They can be kept active by introducing a variety of toys and setting aside some time to relate with them will help keep them healthy and happy. You might also discover that the Ojos Azules cat is moderately vocal as well. Therefore, you should find the time to give your pet plenty of affection.

Grooming And Care of The Ojos Azules cats

Since Ojos Azules do not need to be brushed often and their shedding is considered average, they are often considered easy to groom.  A simple brushing routine could be used to bond with this cat and to help your pet maintain a clean and smooth coat since the coat, which could be short or long, is described as fine, silky, shiny, and soft.

Also, another way to remove loose hair and help to reduce the incidence of hairballs is by brushing your cat regularly. It is advisable to get collections of grooming kits with claw trimmers and various sizes of combs for your kitty that you can use to massage the skin, stimulate circulation, and smooth out the fur.

The black cat with blue eyes needs regular grooming to keep its coat looking nice and healthy. It should be combed every day to remove any tangles or mats from its coat before they get too bad or cause irritation on the skin underneath them. Regular brushing will also help keep its coat clean so that it doesn’t get dirty easily when out exploring outside – especially if you have any allergies!

Final thoughts,

Black cats with blue eyes are the rarest of all cat breeds. They can be distinguished by their eye color, which is a deep, almost navy blue. These cats are also known for their incredibly soft fur and are often described as “velvety.”

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