Do Any Female Cows Have Horns.

female cows with horns

Cattle are unique among livestock for their horns, which can differ significantly between males and females as well as across …

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How Much Do Wagyu Cows Cost: Types, Lifespan & More

Wagyu refers to a breed of beef cattle that originated in Japan. These cows are known for their high-quality meat …

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Draxxin For Cattle: Dosage & Usage Information

Draxxin is an FDA-approved antibiotic that’s primarily used to treat Infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis, foot rot and bovine respiratory disease (BRD) caused Mannheimia …

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How Much Does A Cow Cost in UK 2024

Inflation has been a concern for many people in the United Kingdom, especially when it comes to food prices. The …

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Six (6) Disadvantages Of Hereford Cattle.

Hereford Cattle

Hereford cattle originated in Herefordshire, England as early as the 18th century. They are one of the oldest British cattle …

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How Much Does A Black Angus Cow Cost in 2024

black angus cost in 2023

Black Angus cows are known for their outstanding meat production. They’re also easy to feed, and typically friendly. This breed …

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How Big Do Mini Highland Cows Get

miniature highland cow

If you are considering getting a mini Highland cow, it is important to find out how big they will get. …

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List of 12 Fruits Cows Can Eat as Treats and Snacks

what cows can eat as treats

A cow is a herbivore. It eats grass, hay, and other green plants. Cows are not able to digest fruits …

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Management of Pregnant Cow and Calves

The newborn female calf should become a milk-producing cow in about 2.5 years’ time. However, calves may die and this …

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Nuflor Vs Draxxin: Check out the Differences

Nuflor Vs Draxxin

Nuflor and Draxxin are injectable antibiotics used for treating respiratory diseases in cattle, sheep, pigs, and other livestock animals. These …

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