Drugs That Make Fish Grow Faster

Fish are an important part of the aquatic ecosystem, as they consume other species, help to maintain water quality, and provide food for birds, reptiles, and humans. Fish are also harvested for their meat and their eggs.

Fish can be raised in captivity using aquaculture facilities or by releasing them into their natural habitat like lakes or rivers. Fish in their natural habitat have access to natural growth promoter that makes them grow faster and bigger. This is not the same as raising fish in captivity.

Fish raised in aquaculture facilities like tanks or concrete ponds need their environment controlled. The level of control in this artificial environment determines how fast they would grow. Aside from feeding fish raised in an artificial environment, you will need to consider some of these drugs that make fish grow faster.

Drugs That Make Fish Grow Faster

Important Growth Parameters for Fish

Fish grow best when they have the right environment. The water temperature, pH, and oxygen levels are all important in making your fish grow faster. But one other factor you need to consider is whether or not you’re giving your fish enough food.

There are many different types of fish and each type requires a different diet and environment. The way you feed your fish will determine how fast they will grow. You can use different types of food to make your fish grow faster but there are also other ways that you can help them to grow faster.

Fish can only eat as much as their stomachs will hold at once. So, if you’re feeding them too much, some of it will just sit there until it goes bad (and smelly). If this happens often enough, your fish might not eat enough food to get the nutrients they need for optimal growth.

Medications That Make Fish Grow Faster

In order to grow fish faster, you need to be aware of the drugs that make fish grow faster. With other factors put in place, here are drugs that can help fish achieve faster growth in captivity:

Fish food additive

Methylene Blue, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Threonine, L-Tryptophan, and other amino acids have been shown to increase growth rates in carp. Amino acids like tyrosine and tryptophan are precursors of dopamine which is linked to increased growth rates in fish.

Amino acids such as lysine can be used as supplements for improving the condition of carp by helping reduce losses due to stress caused by injury during transportation.

Fish food supplement

Minerals supplement helps to supply deficient micro-nutrients in fish food. They are available in liquid or solid form. Mineral like selenium is also important for fish growth and reproduction. Selenium deficiency can lead to poor feed conversion rate and reduced growth of young cyprinids in particular.


Antibiotics can promote growth. Antibiotics are used to prevent infections and fight some diseases. They may also help fish grow faster. Fish that are treated with antibiotics can have more energy, be more active, and be more aggressive than untreated fish of the same age and size.

Antibiotics work by killing bad bacteria in the body so that it doesn’t get sick or infect others around it. They do this by attacking specific chemical structures that only exist on bacterial cells, but not on animal or plant cells (which means they don’t harm humans).

Activated carbon

Activated carbon is a chemical that has been treated so that its pores become very small, which allows for adsorption (a process by which molecules stick to the surface of a solid) of various substances. These substances include many things like dyes, antibiotics, heavy metals, and other organic compounds.

While activated carbon does not technically remove these chemicals from your water; it does reduce their concentration in your aquarium by taking them out of the solution when you add the activated carbon media to your aquarium or pond water.

Quality Fish Food

Fish are like humans; in that they need food and water. While fish growth can be influenced by factors like genetics, temperature, and light levels, diet also plays an important role in how fast your fish will grow.

Fish food is the primary source of nutrients for fish and it must be provided in the right quality and quantity. Poor fish food often leads to stunted growth and impaired health. This is why you must check the quality of food you are feeding the fish. You should beware of expired fish food.

Also, feeding fish the right quantity of food is as important as feeding the best quality. You need to feed the fish adequately to avoid being underfed or malnourished. 

Top Fish Growth Promoter Available Online

Drugs that make fish grow faster are known as growth promoters and are designed specifically for this purpose. It makes sense then that fish farmers would want to increase the growth rate of their fish, to make more money. There are many different types of drugs used for this purpose; here are our recommendations:

Dennerle Carbo Booster Max, 500 ml

Dennerle Carbo Booster Max is an active carbon fertilizer for fish; it is safe for fishes and invertebrates. The 250 ml is sufficient for 12,500 liters of aquarium water while the 500 ml is sufficient for 25,000 liters of aquarium water. Check it on Amazon.

Polyp Lab Polyp-Booster 100mL

With 18 amino acids and 12 fatty acids present POLYP-BOOSTER brings a broad spectrum of compounds that will make your fish grow faster. Polyp-booster is a great help in aquaculture husbandry; it is aimed at improving fish well-being, growth, and coloration. You can get it on Amazon.

Benefits of Using Fish Growth Promoter

Here are some benefits of using these fish growth promoters

  • Fish growth promoters help to accelerate metabolic processes and increase energy output, which helps your fish to grow faster.
  • The growth promoter is a safe and effective way to increase fish growth.
  • They have been shown to improve both feed conversion efficiency and fish growth rates.
  • They help increase the size of your fish in less time, which means that you will be able to sell them for more money.
  • They can be used in both freshwater and marine environments.
  • There are no known negative effects on the environment or other organisms.

End Note

It is very important to understand the impact of drugs that make fish grow faster on your fish. In general, they are an excellent way to increase the size of your fish and make them more colorful. However, if not used properly they can cause a number of problems throughout their life cycle or even shorten it.

The best part about using a growth promoter is that you don’t need any special equipment or any special knowledge, all you need is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and have some patience.

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