How Farmers Can Increase Sales During & After COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 has steadily become a global concern as it has threatened the peace of various countries across the globe. This pandemic viral disease has infected 1,521,090 across the globe; claiming 88,565 lives and 331,354 people recovered. It is no doubt that the coronavirus disease has worsened the state of the global economy; businesses are hugely affected, the social security is threatened, the health care industries are perturbed as all efforts to curb this global menace have proven feeble and not adequate enough.

Virtually all nations are currently in a standstill state. The heads of the states have mandated a total lockdown in their states; all citizens are expected to remain indoor till further notice to reduce the spread of this disease. This lockdown is enforced physically by the use of security operatives, such as the military and other security personnel.

As the coronavirus disease facilitated the restriction of movement from one place to another, one thing is certain; people must eat to survive this threat. If the movement of people from one place to another is restricted, the movement of food from anywhere to the stomach can never be restricted.

The response of the global leaders towards this ugly situation is quite laudable. They take charge of the feeding and welfare of every individual in this lockdown. Another kind gesture towards food production is the exemption of farmers and other food manufacturing industries from this lockdown. This is a great opportunity for farmers and food producers.

I hereby thought of this present state and fate of food production during this period of economic lockdown and the aftermath. I came up with strategies, which I am willing to share with farmers on how to boost their sales during and after this global crisis.

Sales Strategies For Farmers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the movement of individuals has been temporarily restricted, the market dynamics have changed. People no longer visit markets; the best form of sales, presently, is through home deliveries. This has placed farmers at a better advantage because the demand for food is high at this moment. Farmers can, therefore, reach out to more customers using the strategies I am about to discuss.

#1. The Market Place

Initially, the thread of marketing farm produce was: Farm to Market to Consumers. The market place is the only factor that has been temporarily abolished in this thread. Instead of the physical market where buying and selling take place, you can make use of your online platform and simple digital tools to stabilize a virtual market where you do not need the physical presence of the buyers. It is simple and I will take you through the process.

Firstly, you need to create an online presence using the Google form. This form helps you to create a flexible catalogue or order list where you can push to people online. Here is a sample of Google form for the sales of vegetables. You can use this guide to create Google form.

#2. Go Corporation

If your neighbourhood does not know that you are a farmer, then you are not helping your business. During this period of lockdown, you might not have that privilege of house-to-house for marketing; hence, you can use the Google form as a vehicle to run the errands for you through corporations. You use this form to collate orders of purchase as seen in the sample I shared.

You need to relate with constituted authorities in your locality. If your farm is a registered firm, it makes this strategy very easy to scale for you. If otherwise, do not panic; where there is a will, there is a way.

Firstly, you need to reach out to law enforcement agencies to introduce your farm and products. This time, not as a business but as an aid to food security during this period. Ensure you submit the Google form along with your proposal. Most government agencies have designated points where farmers are allowed to market their produce at specific days or a place where the government collates the food items and distributes it to individuals. The latter is practiced in countries where the COVID-19 disease is more threatening.

For example, In Nigeria, Lagos state has some specific locations where farmers can market their produce on specific days. If you are a farmer in Lagos state Nigeria, contact this number +2348023327679 for more guides on this information.

#3. Extend the reach to your neighbourhood.

With the order list created through Google Form, you can sell food items to your community, colleagues, friends, and families without leaving their comfort zone. All you need to do is to share the order list (Google form) in targeted groups, your social media pages and other religious people where people are engaged. Collate your orders and ensure you deliver the best to retain these customers.

#4. Price Standardization

Do not take advantage of your potential customers because you know they do not have a choice. Sell at best and affordable price. You can even sell at a subsidized rate as a way of support during this coronavirus disease crisis. It is better for you and your brand.

The Fate Of Sales After The Eradication Of The COVID-19 Disease.

Very soon, the pandemic disease would go into exile but the relationship and impact on every individual remain evergreen. If you follow these strategies, you would gain more customers, and increased sales. Do not let this relationship end with the coronavirus disease.

With the list of orders you have collated, you can trace and reach out to each individual and household on that list to push your products to these customers always. You can continue to offer the delivery services to reduce their sacrifice at a cost. This is why you need to be nice to the buyers during the period of this lockdown.

With this strategy, you have created a niche market for your farm produce. You can, therefore, sustain the relationship for as long as you make the value of your farm produce conspicuous.    

These are my thoughts on how to expand your farm produce customer base. This strategy is flexible; you might not adopt it as recommended, you could use some of its components to fine-tune your existing strategy.

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