How To Use Google Form For Marketing Agric Products.

Google form is a simple multipurpose digital tool that can be used for any purpose that relates to data collection. The need to take advantage of technology as it emerges spurred the thought of using Google form as a tool to market farm produce.

Launched in 2008, Google form is designed to run surveys, collate data, and other tasks that relate to gathering information for decision-making. The form is a flexible form that can be designed or customized to suit any purpose or function.

Marketing of agricultural produce might not necessarily need to involve the physical presence of the buyer if the farmer had indeed built the farm reputation to an uncompromised level. More so, one of the ways of effective marketing is reducing or eliminating the buyer’s sacrifices. Marketing your farm produce with Google form helps your customers eliminate the risk and time involved in their physical presence at your exchange point.

Features Of Google Form You Should Know

As simple as Google form is designed, it is made up of 12 field options; 9 question formats, with text, photo, and video field options. We would look into each of these options and see how best to use each in marketing agricultural produce.

#1. Title and Description:

By default, the title and description fields are added to every field. The title and description are introductory expressions that give the user of the form insights of what the form is about. The title is usually short, preferably your brand name; the description has to be concise and precise enough to let anyone understand the purpose of the form.

#2. Short Answer

For every question or data you seek using the Google form, there is a field where the answers are dropped. This field has various options, all discussed in this article. The short answer field is one of the options. This field is used to get responses to simple questions like; names, phone numbers, email addresses, values, and more.  

#3. Paragraph

The paragraph field is one of the field options best used to collect data or response of long-form text. At times, you may need your customers to share their reviews on your products in form of feedback. This field option is best for this purpose.

#4. Multiple choice, Dropdown, and Checkboxes

At times, you may need to input the list of your farm produce for buyers to select their choice, these field options are best for that. In addition, they are best used for a Yes and No question format.

#5. Linear Scale

The linear scale field option allows users to select a number in a range to achieve a certain goal such as a satisfactory rating or any data to improve the service rendered.

#6. Date and time

These two field options are important parameters in marketing. Remember this form is meant for taking orders; you need some information around date and time; such as date of delivery and time. Consider adding the date and time field; it gives your customer the impression that your brand is reliable.

#7. Image and Videos

At times, you may need to take advantage of the sense of sight to convince your customer further; Google Forms allows you to upload an image from your camera or any image directory. Unlike the image, Google form only supports videos from YouTube; hence, if you deem it fit to include video in your form, the firstly upload the video on YouTube before adding through search or the link to the video.

Steps For Creating Google Form For Marketing Farm Produce

I will take you through the steps of creating a Google form to market your farm produce always.

#1. Create an account

Firstly Log on to On clicking on the link above, a new page comes up like the image below.

google form landig page
the Landing page

You see different form options; blank, contact information, party invite, RSVP etc.; there are templates designed for different purposes. Click on the blank page to design your form using your most preferred expression.

#2. Editing the blank form

This is how the blank form looks like. At the top, you see two columns, the question and response column. The question column is where you input your details and how you want your potential customers to relate with you. The response column records the contacts and responses of your customers.

Adding title and description

Coming down to the form, you need to add a title and description as the header. The title could be your farm name and the description could be brief details of your farm or what you intend to achieve with the form.

#3. Setting up the questions and answer format

Setting up questions

Change the “untitled question” to the first question you want to ask your potential customers. Ideally, the first three questions should be their personal details like Name, Phone number, and Email address.

Subsequent questions could be the type of farm produce they want from your list, the quantity, price, raw or processed, delivery options. If the customer wants a delivery option, then you request the address just below the question.

The form allows you to select how you want your customers to respond to your questions. Questions can be answered with options like paragraphs, Short answer, multiple-choice, checkboxes, etc.

For instance, if the question is Your Name, you need to provide enough space for the answer, hence, selecting a short answer option is appropriate.

You can select any of the response options by selecting the option beside the answer. See the image below for better understanding.

Selecting the type of response

In addition, for every question asked, you need to specify if it is important to you or not. You can do this by activating the required button just below each question.

Drag the required button

By default, the form provides you with just a question and answer space; you need to add more spaces yourself. To do this, just click the “plus button” from the list out the question and answer space. See the image

Lastly, once you are done designing the form, just click send at the top to get the link to the form for further unit operation. Ensure the form is very simple and easy to fill such that it does not bore your customers. Avoid asking many questions; 5-7 questions are enough. As each customer fills the form, it deposits at the response column of the form. All need to do is just to click on the response column to get the list of your orders.  

You can check out this Google form sample I made for marketing vegetables. Remember to share and join our Facebook community for more updates from us.

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