How Much Does A Mini Cow Cost

A miniature cow or mini cow is a small version of a regular-sized cow. There are about 26 breeds of mini cattle, all 42″ or less at maturity. Mini cows are often used for small-scale milk and meat production and as pets by people who have the space and the time to care for them.  

Miniature cattle breeders are scattered throughout the United States. Owning miniature cattle is a big commitment and responsibility. They require daily feeding, attention, and care. That being said, these tiny fluffy cows are gentle and make for the best cuddle buddy in the winter.

Mini cows can range anywhere from around $1,500 to $5,000. A miniature dairy breed will cost you between $1,500 and $2,000. Expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000 for a miniature beef breed. That’s because beef breeds are much more expensive than dairy breeds.

The cost of miniature cows depends on the size, sex, breed, and age. The price includes feeding, housing, and medications, just like how it is done in the commercial ranching business. Miniature Cows can be a great business opportunity. Demand for good quality miniature cows is very high.

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Where To Buy The Mini Cow

There are various online platforms where mini cows are up for sale; Mini Highland Cows is one of the top websites to buy mini cows online. Another website is The Miniature Highland Cattle Farm; the platform offers a wide selection of miniature cattle.

You can also buy mini cows from local breeders in your local environment or certified breeders in the United States; if you want to buy at a relatively lower price, you can try the local breeders near you.

Advantages Of A Mini Cow

What is so different about having a mini cow, is that you can benefit in so many more ways than just having an adorable and loving companion. There are many advantages to owning a mini cow, and they are as follows:

– Miniature cows are smaller than regular-sized cattle. They’re affectionate pets, just like a dog or cat, for families with children who want to learn about farming or animal husbandry. They also make great companions for senior citizens who want a companion as they age in place.

– Mini cows do not require a lot of space because most people keep their miniature cattle indoors where it is warm during the winter months when temperatures outside are too cold for any type of animal native to this region (United States).

– In a relatively small expanse of land, mini cows can be raised for household milk production. they don’t need as much range to roam as a full-size cow does. Miniature cows are also great for people who live in small apartments or don’t have enough space for regular-sized cattle.

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Miniature cows are a great choice for any family, especially if you have children. We believe that mini cows make excellent pets because they’re very gentle and easy to care for. They’re also very affectionate and make great companions for children who want to learn about farming and animals in general.

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  1. Can they get hairy warts like dairy cows did. What other problems can they get. I’m interested in starting my own farm of them.

    • Any cow can get digital dermatitis (aka hairy warts -digi). As soon as you notice digi clean the area with iodine then apply salicylic acid and wrap it to keep the salicylic acid on for a few days killing the digi. Sadly digi is everywhere. One way to minimize infection is to have a walk through foot trough with veterinarian recommended liquid hoof wash. Good luck I hope it works out for you


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