Learn How Much Miracle-Gro Per Plant You Should Apply

Miracle-Gro is a type of fertilizer that can be used for all flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees, and houseplants. It is formulated with essential nutrients to help plants grow bigger, even, and more beautiful plants. There are many different types of Miracle-Gro products, but the most common one is called Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food.

The amount of miracle-gro to feed a plant depends on the size of the garden and the method of application. Worthy of notice is whether the plant is an indoor plant or an outdoor plant. the ratio of miracle grow fertilizer to water can also predict the amount of feed each plant gets. This article will explain the miracle-gro dosage for indoor and outdoor plants.

Miracle-Gro Ratio To Water

The knowledge of the miracle-gro doses is not complete without knowing the ratio of miracle-grow to water. Do not forget that this fertilizer is soluble and usually dissolved in water before application.

The amount of water mixed with miracle-gro affects the efficacy of the fertilizer mix. Too much water means less effectiveness of the fertilizer mix, while insufficient water means a higher concentration of the miracle-gro. The latter is detrimental to the plant’s health as it can make the plant look brittle, crinkled, wilted, or limp.

The recommended miracle-gro to-water ratio goes thus:

  • For indoor plants: half teaspoon to a gallon of water
  • For outdoor plants: 1 tablespoon to a gallon of water.

Try to know the difference between a tablespoon and a teaspoon.

How Much Miracle Gro Per Plant

Miracle-Gro Dosage Per Plant

The amount of Miracle-Gro you should apply depends on the type of plant you are growing, as well as its size, and where it is grown. Vegetables and fruit trees have different dosages compared to ornamental plants and flowers. Similarly, indoor plants receive different amounts of miracle-gro feed compared to outdoor plants.

For indoor plants:

Mix half a teaspoon of miracle-gro into a gallon of water in a watering can. For better performance, apply every 7 – 14 days. In addition, According to the Miracle-Gro website, foliar application of miracle-gro is not recommended. Perhaps because of the presence of children and pets at home. Miracle-gro fertilizer mix should be applied to the root zone of indoor plants.

For outdoor plants:

You can either use a watering can or a miracle-gro garden feeder for feeding outdoor plants.

In a watering can, Mix a tablespoon of miracle-gro into a gallon of water. This fertilizer mix will conveniently feed plants on 10sq. feet. Apply to the plant in three (3) spray patterns for better and even utilization by the plant.

Miracle-Gro garden feeder
Miracle-Gro garden feeder

The Miracle-Gro garden feeder comes with a feeder refill packet. This is where the fertilizer is placed and water is connected to run through it. The packet is designed to cover 500sq. feet under 15 mins. As soon as the packet is empty, you can refill it with fertilizer for continuous feeding. This method is used for a large garden or lawn.

Generally, you should apply Miracle-Gro every two weeks for flowers, vegetables, and ornamental plants. For fruit plants, you should apply Miracle-Gro once a month.

Best Time Of Day To Apply Miracle-Gro

Miracle-gro can be applied to plants anytime or any season. It is a blend of nutrients for growing and young plants. Irrespective of the growth stage of the plant, Miracle-gro plant food would enhance the growth potential of that plant. That said, it is best to apply miracle-gro during the cooler part of the day, usually very early in the morning before sunrise or in the evening when sunset.

Can You Overfeed Plants With Miracle-Gro

Of course Yes! You can overfeed plants with miracle-gro if you fail to follow the wrong water-to-miracle-gro mixing ratio. Undermixing of this plant food is common, leading to poor performance in plants. Plants overfed with miracle-gro appear droopy, wilted, brittle, and wrinkled.

The best way to prevent overfeeding your plants with Miracle Grow is to follow the mixing instructions explained in this article This will help you maintain a healthy balance of nutrients in your soil while also preventing overfeeding.

Final Notes

The Miracle-Gro brand is well-known and trusted by many gardeners. It’s used to help plants thrive and grow to their desired potential. The amount to feed each plant has been explained and the feeding must be done with caution. Try not to overfeed the plants when using Miracle-Gro as this can cause damage to your plants

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