How To Get Rid Of Termite House With And Without Chemical

Termites are baleful and formidable insect; they are harmful to crop, livestock, and humans. They are great threats to agriculture. Being a social animal, termites show some forms of intelligence in the ecosystem. They have a modified structure called termitarium, where they reside and carry out their life activities. Unlike other insects, termites barely roam about; they are always in the termitarium, as they increase in population, they tend to increase the size of their house.

The soil is primarily for crops, other things on the soil are ancillary and likely to inhibit cropping activities. There are so many factors inhibiting farming activities; all these factors are categorized chiefly as human activities: construction of buildings and other structures. Insects like termites are, at times, beneficial as they help to improve the soil condition like aeration. However, they may be very detrimental to sown crops and injurious to farmers and other farm workers.

termite house

Termitarium restricts or deters land preparation because if damaged unruly, the termites become aggressive and tend to attack. If this is noticed on a farm, it is always a danger zone and must be treated as cautious as possible. Termitarium is said to be built with the saliva of the termites mixed with soil particles. This is awesome!

However, farmland has to be utilized maximally to ensure optimum productivity. Land preparation has to be carried out wholesomely to ensure good yield from the crop sown; so also, the welfare of the farmer and farm staffs has to be treated with caution. Termitarium is undoubtedly a hindrance to farming, either crop production or livestock production. Getting rid of this earthy structure, termitarium, is quite technical but can be done organically and inorganically with chemicals.

Some farmers sternly detest the use of chemicals on their farmland; this is due to the negative impacts of chemical on the farmland and the environment at large. Such farmers can opt for the organic method while conventional farmers can use any of the two approaches.

The organic method involves the use of strong insect repellent on the termites while the inorganic method involves the use of synthetic chemical substances to suffocate and disrupt the digestive tract of the termites; the latter is more effective.

How To Get Rid Of Termite House Without Chemical

Firstly, the structure has to be dismantled completely using mechanical means before implementing any of the two methods. These Neem extracts are established and highly recommended organic pesticides or repellents. Mix 3 teaspoons of neem oil in one liter of water and spray after degradation of the structure; for more effective action you can as well mix two spoons of liquid soap to the solution and spray wholesomely.

How To Get Rid Of Termite House With Chemical

The use of chemical compounds to get rid of termite house is undoubtedly the most effective method to get rid of any insect pest. Some chemicals are stomach-poisoning while others are suffocants. There are various chemicals you can use to control termites on your farm after dismantling the termitarium. These chemicals have been tested and there are laudable testimonies on their efficacy. These chemicals are;

  • Termex
  • Thunder (imidacloprid + bacyfluthrin)
  • Confidor
  • Chlorpyriphos 40%

With these approaches, the can end the dream of termites on your farmland and enjoy a fruitful investment.

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