How To Tame A Wild Possum

Can you tame a wild possum? The answer is relative. There is no wild animal that cannot be tamed. Even the most ferocious wild animals like lions, tigers, and other big cats are tamed and domesticated. If I am to be objective, I would say wild possum can be tamed and domesticated but it is not as good as it looks. taming wild possums is a conscious and deliberate effort targeted towards changing the wild behavior into a socially accepted behavior

On a broader view and looking at the environmental impact of taming wild possum, it is best to avoid the exercise because in most cases, tamed wild possums often exhibit the “wild” nature in them at a certain age. Taming adult wild possums is not in any way to start the domestication process; wild possums are short-lived, they live up to about 3 years.

Aside from the age barrier, adult wild possums are hard to tame because they are used to the solitary way of life and can be aggressive when trying to groom or clean it. Adult wild possums can bite and their bite can be so bad and devastating. The smell of wild possums is offensive and you do not want that within your vicinity

Taming an adult wild possum is not a good decision; however, you can make an adult wild possum trust you and be your friend by providing it food, and drink, and preparing a place for it as hide-out. Let the relationship end there. If you are so willing to tame and domesticate wild possums, look for the baby possum.

How To Tame A Wild Possum

How To Tame A Baby Possum

taming baby possum is not as tough as the adult possum if you want to try it out. Baby possum are teachable and you can easily get their trust and affection. Also, the innate attitude of wild possums can be modified to a domesticable level when you try a baby possum. To tame and train a baby possum, you need to work on three factors:

  • shelter
  • food
  • social behavior

when these three factors are successfully handled, the baby possum can be tamed and domesticated successfully.

The Shelter

Naturally, possums live in solitary. They are usually found in dump sites, abandoned creeks, and holes. Bringing a baby possum to a new environment requires you to change where and how it lives. The baby possum should be kept in a cage. You need a bedding material in the cage to enhance the possum’s privacy and manage its waste. newspaper or dried straw can be used as the bedding.

Ensure the cage is well-ventilated and kept in a place where the baby possum cannot be threatened or disturbed by kids in the neighborhood. Any form of disturbance or threat can activate the survival instinct of the possum to show its wildness. Keeping the baby possum in a new environment improves cleanliness and allows regular grooming when required.  


Possums are omnivorous; in the wild, they eat nuts insects, snails, garden pests, mice, rats, and roadkill. Baby possums should be given clean and fresh foods like nuts, fruits, and vegetables as well as homemade food. Insects, earthworms, and roadside kill should be avoided because they do not conform to the domestication plan.

This food should be scheduled and given at regular time, same time, and same spot in the cage. This helps to change the feeding pattern of the possum. Clean fresh water must be made available every day; leftovers must be discarded and replaced every day. Good and stable food helps to improve the health and positive response of the possum to the new environment.

Social behavior

The aim of taming a wild possum is to achieve a behavioral change. It means replacing how possums behave in the wild with a new set of behaviors. The first thing you want to achieve with taming a baby possum is to ensure it trusts you and feels safe with you always; this way the possum won’t be aggressive as it grows and will always feel happy to accept food and water from you.

You need to ensure the possum does not feel threatened in any way. This is why you must ensure they are kept out of the reach of children. You can train the possum to master a sound or sign with which you can call it when you want to feed or groom it.

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Lastly, possums are wild animals with a vicious set of teeth; they are timid and scared easily. If feeling threatened, possums are quick to bite. Although it is illegal to keep possums as pets in some states in the United States, possum needs good care, attention, and food to be tamed successfully.  

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