How To Use Aloe Vera For Sunburn Treatment

Some might be thinking about why and what makes Aloe vera so unique and special. Well, Aloe vera contains 19 out of 20 known amino acids necessary for any organism. Amino acids soften hardened skin cells. Aloe vera also stimulates collagen production to improve elasticity and dryness within the skin. Moreso,  the juice or gel gotten from aloe vera has been shown to possess antibacterial qualities which makes it possible to prevent the skin peeling after excess sun exposure. Apart from the antimicrobial or antibacterial activities of Aloe vera, it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and high water content that helps hydrate the skin.

Aloe vera has been used for many years for the treatment and healing of wounds and sores and burns are not left out as well. Several studies have shown the effectiveness and ability of Aloe vera to treat burns and provide a soothing and cooling effect to the pain usually associated with the burns. Although studies have been carried out, these studies are very limited but enough to show make Aloe vera is well known as a treatment for burns such as sunburn. Some dermatologists acknowledge the fact that moisturizers that contain Aloe vera have the ability to assist in soothing the inconveniences caused by sunburn.

But it is interesting to know that Aloe vera heals more than just burns. Burns usually require intense treatment and management this is because they could lead to severe conditions such as sore skin, skin cancer, eye problems, and premature aging and Aloe vera can neutralize all these effects.

How Aloe Vera Removes Burns Scars

After the skin gets burnt, the healing process usually involves regrowth to cure the burn. Aloe vera stimulates the growth of new skin cells by enhancing epithelialization. A study that was carried out on mice showed that Aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory ability is of great value during the process of treating burns.  It was also noticed that Aloe vera gel freshly cut directly from the Aloe vera plant was more effective for first and second-degree burns when preserved properly as to when compared to ointments and creams that contain Aloe vera.

The skin tries to repair itself naturally when rays from ultraviolet radiation cause damage to the skin molecules. This repair is spearhead by the immune system which tries to heal the skin by stimulating the release of anti-inflammatory proteins. These anti-inflammatory proteins increase the size of blood vessels around the affected area which allows more blood to flow and enter. Chemical reactions lead to inflammation of the skin, causing damaged skin cells to peel away. Aloe vera help ease sunburn symptoms and reduce inflammation because it contains 19 out of 20 known amino acids necessary for any organism. Amino acids soften hardened skin cells. Aloe vera also stimulates collagen production to improve elasticity and dryness within the skin.

How To Apply Aloe Vera On Burns

Applying aloe vera as a treatment for burns is a very natural and effective way to treat burns with absolutely no side effects attached to it and it is also very suitable for every skin type. Aloe vera also provides a cooling sensation to areas of the skin that have been burnt.

Aloe vera can be applied to burns in different forms or ways or methods some of these include:

  • Using the gel, or juice, that has been cut fresh directly from the leaves and scooped out or squeezed from the leaves to apply directly on the burns.
  • Purchasing pre-packaged over-the-counter or commercially produced aloe vera gel that has been kept with preservatives and applying on the skin.
  • Getting hydrating after-sun spray mists that contain Aloe vera in them.
  • Applying after-sun rescue balms or lotions with Aloe vera as the primary ingredient.

From the above mentioned, experts have strongly advised and recommended that if fresh Aloe vera cannot be obtained from a plant, products that contain 100% pure and undiluted Aloe vera should be gotten for the purpose of treating burns. And then this should be stored in the fridge. But if this pure aloe vera gel cannot be gotten products that contain very high percentages or amounts of Aloe vera should be the next available choice.

For those that might want to use over-the-counter aloe vera products, they can be sure that some of these often contain other sunburn-soothing ingredients, too. Since Aloe vera alone will not provide sufficient sun protection by itself. Research suggests that herbal formulations that contain aloe vera and an SPF 1416 are effective in sunscreen creams. However, experts recommend that people use an aloe vera product with an SPF 30 or higher

Be careful when purchasing a bottle of Aloe vera gel for treating burns, this is because there are many different types of commercial Aloe vera products such as topical gels, digestible gels, and juices, and each work for specific kinds of things in the body. Therefore, it is very important to know which one to take for your specific health concerns. Also, ensure you take very good care of skin before and after exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun as this is really important.

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