Mexican Gamefowl Cages: Description & Maintenance

Housing for birds are means of protection; they are available in various types and forms. Gamefowls are kept in cages, and the forms of these cages are subject to various factors such as the weather and climate parameters. Some cages are native to certain locations, this, is a result of the prevailing weather condition in such locations.

When you hear the Mexican cage or a specific location attributed to the name of a product, what show two things should come to your mind, the purpose of the product and a touch of creativity that makes the product unique in the case of the Mexican gamefowl cage, the cage is a structure that houses birds. The Mexican indicates the creative nature of the people of Mexico that leads to the innovation of bringing a gamefowl cage to life.

Mexican Gamefowl Cages are imported from Mexico and come in various sizes to fit your needs. The rooster fly pen is a great way for birds to get exercise when you can’t free range.  In a fly pen, the chickens will have room to fly.  In a run pen, the height is just barely enough to keep them out of reach of a predator’s paw.  A typical fly pen would be 8-by-10 feet and eight feet high.

Features of The Mexican Gamefowl Cage:

The picture below shows what the front and back of the Mexican Gamefowl Cage look like; it is commonly made with wooden material and wire mesh for self-cleaning and safety reasons.

  • Easy to use and transport.
  • Free of edges and edges that damage the bird or the shepherd.
  • Double door, in front and on the roof.
  • They are removable and portable.
  • Its galvanized has a double layer of zinc.
  • Useful for the care of your fine roosters.
  • Wide door with triple security width.
  • Possibility of adapting hanger and ddar greater mobility to the rooster.
  • Easy armed and disarmed.
  • The cages are a registered trademark that provides quality and safety.
  • The wire is more resistant to doubles.

Maintenance of Mexican Gamefowl Cages

When it comes to maintenance, you need to make sure that your gamefowl cages are properly maintained. This means that you need to check on the condition of your gamefowl cages regularly. To make sure that they are in good shape, you can check out their condition by looking at the following:

-Make sure you remove any algae or other debris that may be lurking in the water.

-Use an algae block or other algae control product to prevent algae growth in your Mexican gamefowl cages. You can find these products at most garden centers or online retailers such as Amazon or Walmart.

-Clean cages with warm water at least once a week. This should be done to remove any waste and bacteria that might be present in the cage.

-Do not clean out the bottom of the cage with soap or other harsh cleansers, as this can cause damage to the bottom of the cage if it is not replaced properly afterward.

Other Gamefowl Cages To Consider

While the Mexican Gamefowl cage is a good housing for gamefowls, you may want to consider other poultry housing designs listed below:

Portable Chicken Run Hen Coop,Walk-in Poultry House,Outdoor Gardening Net,Easy-up Small Animals Enclosure for Protecting Pet and Plant with Metal Frames and 10 Stakes in Backyard and Farm

Price: $57.99


  • EFFECTIVE PET & PLANT PROTECTION – Four sides of the cage are made of mesh, so that your pet(s) could enjoy sunshine and fresh air outside, eat grass or insects, but be protected from predators.
  • RIGHT SIZE – The size of the mesh cage is 180x90x90cm/71’’L x 35.4’’W x 35.4’’H, weighting 3.12kg, which is about 6.7 pounds and folds down to a travel size of 36.2″L x 5.51″W x 11.42″H.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN – Double zipper design can disperse the force, so that the process of opening is smoother. The separation of the frame and the outer mesh cover and the plastic connectors make it
  • DURABLE MATERIALS – The frames are all 16mm diameter thick steel tubes , rolled up door curtains and the 10 7-shape stainless steel stakes with a length of 15cm, which make the whole cage more stable and greatly increase the wind resistance ability. High density dark green mesh mesh ensures the cage is not easy to tear and improve air permeability.

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Kinchoix Chicken Nesting Box 8 Holes Laying Boxes for Chicken Hens Ducks Poultry Protect Eggs Chicken Coop Easy Egg Collection Wall Mount Nest Box for Chicken Coop

Price: $168.88


  • WARM CHICKEN NEST: Nest boxes for chickens are specially designed, each hole provides a private nesting area for your hens, clean, comfortable, safe, sheltered egg-laying space makes them feel safe and secure, thus improving egg production Rate.
  • DETAIL DESIGN: Ventilation design provides fresh air for the hens and keeps nest box dry and cool. By blunting the edges, chicken laying boxes keep the cut surface smooth and protects you and your chickens from harm. 2.36” wide foot bar for hens to get in and out conveniently.
  • STURDY & DURABLE: Made of galvanized steel, the construction of chicken nesting box is strong and durable. nesting box won’t rust, rot or corrode. Easy to clean with washer gun. Sloped roof design prevents water accumulation on rainy days.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Package includes screw and nut parts, easy to install and remove. Hanging holes allow you to mount nesting boxes 18-20” off the ground to protect from moisture. You can splice multiple groups into a hen’s villa according to your needs.
  • SIZE: 3 holes: 47.63 x13.39 x26.38” /121 x34 x67cm, each hole: 11.81 x11.81” /30 x30cm, foot width: 2.36”/6cm. Roll out nest box for chicken is all A must-have for poultry lovers looking to start or maintain their sustainable, ecological and indigenous farm.

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Final Notes

The housing of Game fowl is essential to the welfare and health improvement of the birds. The cage is supposed to serve as a shield against unfavorable weather conditions as well as improve the overall well-being of the bird. The maintenance of the Mexican Gamefowl Cages must be done religiously to increase the longevity of the cage.

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