3 Simple Poultry House Designs For Smallholder Farmers (Pictures)

Compliment of the season; I am glad you are reading this today. I wish you a blissful year ahead. Have brought an innovation that will reduce your cost of production as a practicing poultry farmer and assist your dream as an aspiring poultry farmer.I know starting a poultry farm business is not always easy, as people presume; especially the poultry house designs. I have some poultry house pictures that will motivate you to start your poultry business at a reduced cost of production if you can make use of these designs.

As a poultry farmer, you need to understand the functions of poultry housing and poultry house construction guidelines before deciding on the design. A good poultry house must provide the following functions:

  • Protect the chicken from adverse weather conditions.
  • Must be easy to clean and carry out various managerial activities
  • Must protect the chicken from predators

If your poultry house does not serve these purposes, then you need to modify it.

Having these at the back of your mind, you can then decide on the type of poultry house designs plans you want based on your financial strength.

There are different types of poultry house; the type of system you want to adopt will determine the type of poultry house design you need. Battery cage is commonly used in a commercial poultry house design but for smallholder farmers, any design that can cater to the above functions is good to go

On this note, I will like to share with you some simple poultry house designs that you can start up with as a smallholder farmer. They are modified poultry house that can serve the basic functions of a poultry house.



Take your time to study each poultry house critically to see how best you can use them or develop them to a more suitable one and do not hesitate to share your views at the end of the article.

1.        Used Vehicle.
poultry house pictures


This is a waste as it can no longer serve its primary function but can be converted to a good poultry house. This will secure your chicken from predators, harsh weather conditions and help you save part of your cost.Are you thinking of heat stress? It can be controlled by locating the structure under a shade and ensuring you serve your birds enough water and electrolytes.


2.        Used Baby Net


poultry house pictures


I am very sure you had this at some period but you have disposed it. If you can still get it, it is very cool. This can be used for brooding or keeping birds between 3 weeks and 6 weeks of age. It can accommodate a small number of chickens; remember it is for smallholder farmers. Ventilation is not a problem here; it should also be kept under shade.
3.        Used Gallons
poultry house design

Very good for deep litter system of poultry farming as it conforms with the chicken layers cages design. It is simple and can be used at home as it makes hen farming at home easy. It makes egg collection very easy and preserves the quality of the eggs. It is also very useful in breeder farms as It also enhances the chicken’s privacy. Yes, they need it too.

poultry house pictures
Many materials can be modified to comply with the poultry farm layout design requirements. Most of the waste or abandoned structures can be converted to poultry house. The cost of poultry house construction is enormous; it can, at times, discourage aspiring poultry farmers. Aside from feeding, the housing also takes a reasonable portion of the cost of production.


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