Identify And Control Pests Easily With These Pest Identification App

Farming is becoming more fascinating as more technological aids are being developed. Technology has indeed been really nice to humans as every aspect of human’s activities has been improvised with technological aids. As a farmer, you can now identify all types of pests on your farm with the newly developed pest identification app.

These applications are installed on android phones; most of them are free downloads. The most interesting feature of these app is that; they do not only identify the pests, they go as far as providing substantial means of controlling the pests using the available methods of pest control in agriculture. This is a great improvement in agriculture and this will greatly improve productivity.

Aside for helping to boost production, it will also make agriculture more flexible and alluring by encouraging the participation of individuals who have an interest in agriculture but deterred by the menace of pest and diseases. Now the issue of pests can be secondary and treated as minor with these app. These app can be downloaded easily from Google Play Store, installed and use on the farm for pest identification.


Various pest identification app you use to manage pest in your farm.


  1. Plantix – grow smart



Plantix is the best garden pest identifier; it helps in complete crop diagnosis. It works by recognizing the patterns of pest attack or deficiency of a particular nutrient in the soil by snapping and uploading the image of the affected part. It then provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis alongside recommended control measure and strategies to curb the menace. Plantix is also called the plant doctor. Install Plantix now




2. Pest manager



pest manager


The name of the app truly justifies its purpose. Pest manager is a plant pest identifier that helps you identify pest on your farm and also provide integrated management options to control common pests like weed, insects and diseases in cereal crops and soybean. The application also prescribes pesticide but mainly for Ontario farmers only. Install Pest Manager




3. MyPestGuide Reporter


mypestguide reporter

MypestGuide Reporter is another effective garden pest identifier developed by the Department of Agriculture and Food WA. This app allows you report all pest emergence directly to the developer, the Department of Agriculture and Food WA, where the pests are identified and substantial solutions are replied back to your device. Install MyPestGuide Reporter 



4. Agrobase



Agrobase is a multipurpose plant pest identifier that helps to protect pests through the precise identification of insects, pests, weeds and diseases. It is the most popular app for farmers and agronomists; it is a knowledge-based app that houses the data base of insect pests, weeds and diseases. It is recommended for protection on cereal crops, vegetables, fruits and other arable crops. Install Agrobase now


5. NPMA Field Guide


npma field guide

NPMA Field Guide is a pest identification app offered by the National Pest Management Association to help farmers identify and control pests on the farm. This plant pest identifier also provides pest-specific information on control measures, pest behavior and biology. Install NPMA Field Guide



6. Agrio



Agrio is an artificial intelligence-based garden pest identifier that helps farmers to identify pests and also provide measures on how to treat plant diseases on farm. The app also provides regional information about pests to enable protect your crops from unruly pest attack. Install Agrio



7. Citrus Pests Key


citrus pests key

Citrus Pests Key is a citrus plant pest identifier that helps to determine the type of a citrus insect pest in a citrus orchard. The app is specifically designed for citrus farmer to help reduce pests’ damages and improve yield. It contains detailed information about known citrus pest for easy Identification. It also provides preventive and control measures to get rid of pests from the farm. Install Citrus Pests Key



8. PlantNet Plant Identification


plantnet plant identification

PlantNet Plant Identification app is a special plant pest identifier. It is quite different from other pest identification applications; it observes and identify wild plants commonly called weeds only. It identifies various weeds on the farm by just uploading the image of the weed; it provides the botany of the weed and different control measures.


Each pest identification app allows you to upload images of your crop for detection and analysis through visual recognition software embedded in them. Lastly, I must inform you that all these app require good internet service if you truly want to get the best of these app. With any of these app, you can effectively control pests and diseases on your farm at reduced cost. Install PlantNet Plant Identification


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