Improved Commercial Snail Farming PDF For Beginners.

The snail farming manual equip farmers with the basic knowledge of snail rearing; downloading this snail farming pdf is a step closer to the basic understanding of snail rearing as it entails all aspect of rearing of a snail.

About snail farming for beginners pdf book

Get the best knowledge in snail rearing by downloading snail farming for beginners pdf. The snail farming pdf is one of the best and highly downloaded materials for snail rearing.

Each section of the snail farming for beginners pdf is treated in a simplified manner for better understanding.

It contains:

  • Factors to consider in choosing a site for snail farming.
  • Breed selection criteria.
  • Characteristics of different snail species.
  • Reproduction behavior.
  • Snail pest and diseases control.
  • Snail feeding and management.
  • and other vital information about snail farming.

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36 thoughts on “Improved Commercial Snail Farming PDF For Beginners.”

  1. I’m really interested to venture into Giant African Snail Farming projects here in my Province…
    Currently there’s No Snail Farming business in our Country …
    I’m proposing a submission to our country Prime Minister….

    Please do urgently need PDF for Snail Farming Beginners to be sent to my email [email protected]

  2. I don’t know how to mix the snail feed formula. Is there a way to get a ready-to-eat snail feed formula like poultry feed is done? I have a snailery of about 100 snails in Jos. Respond via email pls.

    • Hi am David from Kenya
      I have much interest in starting snail farming but am afraid of the market…. How can I get the market..??

  3. I am replying to a comment. Someone asked if he can reduce the time for growing snails faster to at least 9 months instead of 18 to 24 months. My answer is, God created nature and He deals with time, that is why everything thing on earth goes along with time. You can’t plant a yam and expect to harvest in one month or two, No. So if you want to create wealth through snail farming, you need to have this 3 personal traits 1. PATIENCE 2. PERSEVERANCE 3. SENSE OF HUMOUR
    Successful snail farmers must have patience in their long-term proposed venture, because snail farming is not an overnight profit making business. Snail farmers must have perseverance in times of difficulties especially in respect to capital to invest in your slow business and lastly you must be the last person to give a smile or laugh out of your ridicules, because at the beginning you will surely meet vision killers who will tell you, “you are wasting your time, when will these little and slow creatures grow and a lot of unnecessary comments”. They will tend to start laughing at you, but be the last to start laughing at them. It applies to every business and remember, you are an entrepreneur and you must know the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. I am saying this from personal experience,Thanks.


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