4 Legged Bird Found In Doc Carton (Pictures)

Strange things happen; some can be explained scientifically while the totally obscure ones are accorded to nature. This is the case of this 4 legged bird. Under normal circumstance, a day-old chick should have just two legs; however, variations occur usually during fertilization and hatching.


4 legged bird

Out of over 100 chicks purchased, this chick is the only one created uniquely. It has four legs, opposing the normal two legs we used to know. A bird having four legs is usually caused by a Mutation in the genetic make-up of the bird. This condition doesn’t reduce the nutritional quality of the bird; in fact, you have two extra legs to enjoy…lol

In case you have 4 legged bird in your flock during brooding, you do not need to separate it from other birds. The condition is not a disease, but just a genetic variation. However, at the point of sale, it is best you keep it out of the sale. Put only the normal birds up for sale while you and your family enjoy the free gift nature.

From my research, four-legged chicken is safe to eat, according to a local  Chinese report. The bird is edible; it is as a result of the alteration in the genetic makeup of the bird. When you see such a defect in your flock, do not be dismayed. It is normal and has no implication; it is still the same chicken you love to eat but it different physical presentation.

4 legged bird

I said you should not put it up for sale solely because of your consumers’ preference. Some consumers may find it very irritating to eat, which can reduce the marketability of your business.


4 legged bird


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