Looking for the best 60 hp tractors for the money? You’ve come to the right place. If you’re working with trees or bushes that are harder to move than grass, then it’s also important that your new tractor has enough power to move them around without breaking them down.

When you’re looking for a new tractor, there are a lot of things to consider; from the size of your garden to what kind of work you’re doing. If you have a lot of hard-to-maneuver obstacles in your garden, then it’s important that your new tractor has enough power to get through them without getting stuck. A smaller engine would make it impossible for this machine to carry out its duties properly.

A 60-hp tractor is a great choice for anyone with a moderate to large-sized farm. With this much power, you’ll be able to plow, plant, and harvest all your crops with ease. The 60 hp tractor is a powerful machine that can be used to plow, dig, and haul. These tractors are also known as garden tractors because they are small enough to use in your garden or on a farm.

Best 60 Hp Tractors

If you’re a farmer or an avid gardener, then you know the importance of owning the right equipment. To help with your decision, we’ve put together this list of some of the most popular 60-horsepower tractors on sale today. We’ll tell you what features are important when buying one and give you a few tips for making sure that your new machine is safe to use.

#1. John Deere 5060E

John Deere 5060E tractor

The John Deere 5060E is powered by a 60 hp engine, which makes it ideal for pulling large loads or turning large plots of land. It also comes with 51 HP PTO and power steering, so you can easily maneuver the tractor around obstacles.

This model comes equipped with either 2WD or MFWD, so whether you want to go off-road or work in tight spaces, this tractor will have your back. The spacious cab provides plenty of space for both driver and passenger, and the 68 L fuel tank means that it will run for hours before needing to be refueled again.

The John Deere 5060E has an oil-immersed brake system, which means that there are no moving parts involved in stopping this machine, just push a button and it stops right where you want it. This makes it incredibly easy to use because there aren’t any mechanical parts moving around when you’re trying

Finally, the John Deere 5060E can be purchased for $46,749 and it comes with a 5000 hr/5 year warranty making this machine a great investment for those looking for long-term reliability in their equipment choices.

#2. Massey Ferguson 260

Massey Ferguson 260 tractor

The Massey Ferguson 260 is a versatile tractor that can be used for agricultural tasks such as plowing and cultivating. It has an engine that is capable of producing 60 horsepower, ensuring that you can get the job done efficiently. The PTO can run at up to 48 horsepower, so it’s ready to do the heavy lifting that comes with farming or construction work.

The 2WD option is great for maneuverability in tight spaces or when transporting heavy objects, while the transmission type, sliding spur, allows for smooth operation without any additional parts being added on.

The Massey Ferguson 260 has an oil-immersed brake system on both wheels, which helps reduce wear and tear on the parts involved in braking. This also makes the brakes more durable and reliable over time; this means less money spent replacing them.

This tractor also features manual steering so that you can control how much power each wheel receives from the engine, great for maneuvering around tight spots in your field. The price of Massey Ferguson 260 is about $8,000.00 and you can buy on Amazon or eBay.

#3. Sonalika DI 60 RX

Sonalika DI 60 RX

The Sonalika DI 60 RX is an ideal choice for any field work. The 4-cylinder model has a 60 horsepower engine and a 51 HP PTO that provides an excellent range of power and torque to tackle tough terrain and is coupled with a PTO drive that can be used as a winch or chain hoist. It also features an oil-immersed brake system, which helps to prevent the unit from overheating, and it also features power steering for easy maneuvering. The Sonalika DI 60 is a beast of a machine that can lift 2000kg, operate at 2000 RPM, and be used for either work or leisure.

The DI 60 RX can be used in 2WD or 4WD mode, depending on the terrain you’re working on, and it comes equipped with an 8-speed transmission that allows you to easily switch between forward and reverse speeds without having to worry about misfires or stalls. The gearbox allows high speeds to be attained without any loss in efficiency, thanks to the 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. With the help of this transmission, you can carry out tasks such as digging up ditches and clearing debris from roads, which will save you time and money.

This machine has a displacement of 3092 CC, so it has plenty of power for all your tasks. The fuel capacity is 62 liters, which means you won’t have to fill up often while working on your property or farmstead.

#4. SOLIS S60 Tractor

The Solis S60 Tractor is a powerful, reliable, and versatile machine that can be used to transport anything from small loads to large loads. The machine has a 60-horsepower engine and 51 HP PTO, which makes it ideal for hauling heavy loads around the farm or even in the city.

The four-cylinder engine in this model generates 2100 engine-rated RPM, which means it will run smoothly and efficiently every time. It also has 12 forward gears and 12 reverse gears that allow you to cover long distances with ease while still maintaining good fuel economy.

The transmission type is Constant Mesh. This means that you always know what speeds are being used by the tractor at all times, so there’s no chance of being surprised by sudden changes in speed or direction when driving on uneven ground or through tough terrains like mud or snowstorms.

It comes equipped with an oil-immersed brake system that stops your machine quickly when needed, so there’s no need to worry about stopping suddenly or slowing down too much on steep hillsides or uneven terrain. It also has power steering for easy maneuvering when working on uneven ground or slopes. The 4WD system can handle most conditions–even heavy snowfall–and allows you to operate safely even when the road surface gets slippery due to ice.

The 65-liter fuel tank will allow for long trips without refueling stops along the way, and with a top speed of 2200 RPM on this model (up from 2100 RPM on older models), it’s going to go even faster once its engine gets some extra grease.

#5. Powertrac Euro 60 Next 4wd Tractor

The Powertrac Euro 60 Next 4wd Tractor is an excellent choice for farming or construction. This tractor can be used on any terrain, even in wet conditions. The Euro 60 Next 4wd has a powerful engine and is equipped with numerous options to meet your needs.

This tractor has a 60 HP engine and 51.5 HP PTO that allows you to operate heavy equipment or harvest crops with ease. The Multi Plate Oil Immersed Disc Brake provides maximum braking power in all weather conditions without causing damage to the vehicle.

The engine used in this tractor is a 4-cylinder engine that generates 2200 engine-rated RPMs, which means it can move anything from small trees to large farm animals as needed without causing damage or injury to either party involved.

The steering type is smooth Balanced Power Steering makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles and avoid collisions with other vehicles or objects. This tractor also has 4WD so you can drive over any terrain whether it be smooth or rough terrain. This tractor comes with 12 Forward + 3 Reverse gears which provide plenty of power when you need it most. It also has a fuel tank capacity of 60 Liters which will allow you to drive for long periods without having to refuel often which saves time and money.

This tractor comes with a 2000 kg strong lifting capacity so you will not have trouble lifting heavy objects or even small children onto your vehicle if necessary. Warranty 5000 Hours/5 year Warranty ensures that this tractor will last longer than average vehicles on the market today.

#6. Kubota M6060 Cab

Kubota M6060 Cab

Kubota is a brand that has a long history of manufacturing high-quality tractors, and their M6060 Cab is no exception. With 60 horsepower, this tractor can handle any job you throw at it.

The Kubota M6060 Cab is the ultimate workhorse. It’s got a 63.5 horsepower engine and 56HP of PTO power, so you can use it to dig trenches, lift heavy loads, and get the job done no matter how tough it gets. It has a hydrostatic drive front loader, a 3-point hitch, and dual tires. The paint on this tractor is in great condition with only minor scuffs or scratches here and there. The dashboard looks like it was recently replaced as well; all the buttons are shiny and new.

It’s also got a Hydrostatic power steering system for easy maneuverability and control, and a 4WD system for when the weather gets rough. And with a 3331 cc 4-cylinder engine that generates 2400 rpm engine-rated RPM, this tractor will get the job done in no time at all.

The Kubota M6060 Cab has a lifting capacity of 1,500 kg which means that you can use this machine for heavy lifting tasks or even for working on larger jobs such as construction sites without any problems whatsoever.

The Kubota M6060 Cab has a hydrostatic power steering system for easy maneuverability around tight spaces in your driveway or on city streets. The fuel tank capacity is 90 Liters so if you need to go long distances on dirt roads or mud trails, there won’t be any problems at all, and if you do run into problems with your vehicle’s fuel tank capacity.

Priced at $65,802, The Kubota M6060 Cab comes with 6-year warranty coverage from its manufacturer, so if something goes wrong with it during those first few years of ownership, you’ll be able to get it

#7. New Holland EXCEL 6010

New Holland EXCEL 6010

New Holland EXCEL 6010 is a versatile tractor that can be used in any farming environment. It can be used in both residential and commercial settings, as well as on farms. This model comes with a 4WD system that allows you to operate the vehicle in any terrain. The model also features a hydrostatic power steering system, which allows you to control the direction of travel of your tractor with ease.

The engine of this model has a maximum horsepower of 60HP and comes with a mechanically actuated oil-immersed multi-disc brake. You will also receive an integrated PTO, which provides you with 51HP of power for your tractor’s implements such as plows or harrows.

The New Holland EXCEL 6010 is equipped with a 3600 cc engine that generates 2200 rpm engine-rated RPM. That means you can work all day without getting tired or hurting your back because you’re moving quickly and efficiently. This tractor has a double clutch with an independent clutch lever that makes it easy to change gears when you’re in different positions, which means more time working instead of waiting around for things to happen.

Its 6 forward speeds and 12 reverse speeds make it easy to maneuver anywhere, whether it’s through crops or over tough terrain. And with its mechanical brakes, you can slow down quickly without having to resort to brute force. This model also offers double-clutch transmission, which means you can adjust your speed depending on what kind of work needs to be done next without changing gears manually each time.

This tractor’s 20-inch wheels provide stability even when the ground is uneven. Its fuel tank capacity is 60 liters, so you won’t run out of gas easily; plus, it comes equipped with a fuel cut system that prevents overfilling your tanks and spills when stopping abruptly or changing direction quickly.

Priced at $10,383, The New Holland EXCEL 6010 is the perfect choice for any farm owner or farmer. It offers a strong lifting capacity and has a transmission that is fully synchromesh. It also comes with a 6-year warranty, making it one of the most reliable tractors on the market today.

Buyer’s Guide: What You Should Consider Before Buying a 60 HP Tractor

If you’re in the market for a tractor, there are some important things to consider before you buy.


The engine is probably the most important aspect of your tractor. Your engine will be responsible for everything from getting you around your property to pulling heavy loads of hay and other materials. It’s also going to be what gets you up steep hillsides and through muddy fields. You’ll want a reliable, powerful engine that can handle any job at hand.


The transmission is another important part of your tractor’s functionality. Your transmission determines how smoothly and efficiently it moves, which is important when dealing with heavy loads or rough terrain. A strong transmission can also help prevent damage from being incurred during the transport or the operation of the vehicle itself.


You should also make sure that your tractor has a power take-off (PTO) system so that you can use it as an extra set of hands-on days when you don’t need full-size equipment but still need some help moving something heavy around outside such as yard waste or logs from one place to another


Hitches are another important feature that should be considered before buying a new tractor–they allow you to attach trailers, wagons, and other items for transporting goods or pulling implements like a plow or harvester through difficult terrain


Hydraulic braking is another important feature to consider when choosing a tractor. It’s important because it helps prevent accidents from occurring during loading and unloading tasks that could lead to bodily harm or death if not properly managed by the driver.

The Rollover Protection System (ROPS)

When you buy a tractor, you have to consider the rollover protection systems (ROPS) that are installed on it. The ROPS is the safety system that protects you from injuries or death in case of a rollover accident. It also keeps your vehicle from sinking in water and protects against fire.

Another important feature to look for is whether or not the seat has been reinforced with steel-reinforced rails. This will prevent any injuries from occurring in case of an accident while operating the machine.


Finally, there are tires. Don’t forget about them. You want tires that provide adequate traction and support for whatever kind of terrain your farm may encounter during operation hours (including mud).

Safety Precautions On Driving Tractors

Having proper safety equipment can save your life in the event that you are involved in an accident. Before going out to work, it is best to make sure that you have all the correct items of clothing and equipment. The following are some of the most important things to wear while operating a tractor:

-First of all, it is important to read the instruction manual and make sure you know how to operate your vehicle before you go out on the road. This will help ensure that you are safe and know what you are doing.

-The first precaution is to wear a hard hat on top of your head for protection. The second precaution is to wear goggles that cover your eyes because tractors have moving parts that can cause serious injuries if they hit you in the face or eyes.

-Seatbelts are required by law and should be worn at all times when driving tractors or other heavy machinery that could potentially move or tip over. This includes tractors pulling trailers around too – never drive without buckling up.

-Steel toe boots help protect feet from sharp objects such as rocks or nails sticking up from wooden surfaces (which can happen quite frequently). They may seem inconvenient but trust us: these babies will save us pain down the road. If you don’t have steel-toe boots yet then try wearing regular shoes with thick soles instead, it’ll do just fine for now until/until we get our hands on those babies

-When driving a tractor, it is important to follow all traffic laws and drive safely. You should also make sure that everyone in your car knows how to drive safely around tractors because there are certain things that tractors do that can be dangerous for other drivers. For example, tractors often move slowly and may not see cars coming up behind them quickly enough for them to stop in time if another vehicle runs into them suddenly.

-Lastly, never drive with alcohol in your system. If you do so, then you will be arrested for being under the influence of alcohol which could cause serious injury or even death.

Final thought,

In conclusion, we hope that you will find our list helpful in finding the best tractor for your needs. We know that it can be a daunting task to choose one from the many available models on the market, but we hope that these tips will help you make an informed decision.

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