Zero Waste Agriculture: See Where These Crops Were Planted (Picture)

Agriculture is an endowed profession where creativity is much needed. As an attempt to utilize the limited planting space, some farmers have creatively proffered solution to this problem through zero waste agricultural practice.

Truly, the land is a major factor in agriculture, being the primary planting medium. However, other competitors like construction industries have usurped the land for other economic activities, which they presumed to be superior to agriculture. This is the injustice and ignorance of the leaders; they forgot to remember that they would eat.

Food is supposed to be the cheapest commodity in the world; today, it is a mirage, an average man can’t gleefully boast of three square meals.

The farmers have been chased to tight corners, thus, they are left to improvise a means to feed the populace. What a Machiavellian gesture.

The image below are pairs of trousers used for planting crops.


zero waste agriculture


Are you not bemused?

I know you have lots of questions in your mind.

Questions like:

  • Would the plants grow better?

Of course yes! The soil is deep and concentrated; it facilitates easy root development and protects the plants from adverse conditions like pests infestation.


  • Would water leave the soil easily?

As you can see, the material is a jean material; it is permeable, excess water can easily drain off the soil. It looks better because it conserves moisture in most cases, thus, making water available for the plants always.


  • How do I go about this?

It is very simple. All you need are worn out clothes, not necessarily trousers. You also need fertile loamy soil with organic manure; do not use inorganic fertilizers here. Fill up the clothes with the soil and support with a stand. That’s all.

As a creative farmer, nothing should be a waste to you; all resources should be optimized to enhance production. Remember to share, someone on your timeline may need this piece.


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