4 Proven Ways Of Keeping Monkeys Away From Your Farm


Monkeys are known threat to farmers from the days of yore. They are known to perpetrate great evil on farms, especially maize and banana or plantain farms; they derive so much joy from this act. They do not damage crop or cause loss, they cause huge disaster as they rip off a large farm within a few hours. Their activities have greatly impaired the lives of many farmers; some have kissed the dust while some are in a chronic unbalanced state of health.

All attempts to curb this menace seem abortive and futile. Several means have been used to control their heinous activities but not as effective as expected. Farmers barely sleep with their eyes closed because of the invasion of monkeys on their farm.

I deliberated with some farmers, especially those that had been victimized on several occasions by these wonderful creatures. I asked how they were able to control monkeys on their farms, hence, I got these solutions you would read as you read through.


Methods Of Controlling Monkeys on Farms

You can control monkeys in your farm through the following ways:

1. Use of hunters to gun down these pests:

Some Farmers actually divulge to me how they got they employed local hunters to attack any monkey sighted on the farm, thus, reducing the population of the monkeys. This is one of the examples of the physical method of pest control.


2. Use of sedative drugs as a trap:

Sedative drugs like Valium, Lagatil have been proven very effective by experts. Any of these drugs are mixed with feed or water; the feed or solution is then placed at strategic spots on the farm. Any monkey that feeds or drinks from this trap becomes weaken and sleeps wholeheartedly. What follows is death by any form; either shooting or hanging.


3. Stale urine:

I was stunned when a farmer said he used stale urine to stop the activities of monkeys on his farm; it is another proven way of controlling monkeys on a farm. Urine that has been passed out for a very long time can actually repel monkeys off your farm once they perceive it.


4. Use of local dogs:

This is a biological control measure; dogs are natural enemies of monkeys. They immediately evacuate your farm premises once they notice the presence of dogs on your farm

These are some of the measures that have been used by farmers to evacuate monkeys on the farm; other opinions are needed to help some helpless farmers.

Share your experience if you have been victimized by these wonderful creatures and the control measure you adopted. Either chemically, physically or biologically; kindly endeavor to help us out.

Kindly drop your opinion and possible solution to this subject!

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