Agribusiness, either crop production or animal husbandry, in one way or the order is based on measurement. Every aspect of your business as a farmer is based on precision; you need to activate balance to have a good and reasonable yield during harvest.

For instance, in crop production; you need to measure your herbicides and pesticides before application to avoid toxicity and detrimental effects. Also in animal production, it is imperative you measure your medications to avoid overdose or less dosage.

Adequate measurement is one of the success factors in agriculture.

Often times, some farmers are nonchalant about measurement; they use their instinct and gauge, as it’s normally said, to measure some of the basic measurement in the farm. This habit, in one way or the other, has detrimental effects on the productivity of the venture.

There are various handy measuring tools farmers can get and use for measuring operations; though, of various prices. However, there is always a room for improvisation; you can improvise the measuring tools with your fingers.

Farmers are the luckiest people on earth; everything created is of servitude to farmers. With your fingers, you can measure your drugs and other material on the farm. Your fingers are natural ruler; some parts are of fixed or approximately a precise measurement.  Take a look at this…


The index finger is 10cm long; take a look.

measuring tool on farm

The little fingernail is 1cm across; see it

 measuring tool on farm

To affirm this claim, you can try it out and see how it works. These are the little things you should know and improvise on your farm.


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