Africa’s Coffee Farmers are Losing Billions to Exploitation

Millions of Africa’s coffee farmers have slipped into abject poverty caused by poor prices which are currently barely enough to …

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How To Apply For N10 million CBN AGSMEIS 5% Loan


Do you need an agric loan without collateral? CBN AGSMEIS is the best option you can consider.

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How Farmers Can Increase Sales During & After COVID-19 Pandemic

garden egg

The COVID-19 has steadily become a global concern as it has threatened the peace of various countries across the globe. This pandemic viral disease has infected 1,521,090 across the globe; claiming 88,565 lives and 331,354 people recovered. It is no doubt that the coronavirus disease has worsened the state of the global economy; businesses are hugely affected, the social security is threatened, the health care industries are perturbed as all efforts to curb this global menace have proven feeble and not adequate enough.

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How To Use Google Form For Marketing Agric Products.

Google form is a simple multipurpose digital tool that can be used for any purpose that relates to data collection. The need to take advantage of technology as it emerges spurred the thought of using Google form as a tool to market farm produce.

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3 Simple Tests For Identifying Pure Honey At Home

Honey is one of the natural gifts of life; this byproduct has several health benefits on human and animal health. Good or pure honey is a substance with natural sweetness; it is a very strong antibiotic and anti-inflammatory substance. Honey is also a very good substitute for sugar. All these attributes belong to unadulterated honey, that is, pure honey. 

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4 Possible Solutions to Farmers-Herdsmen Clash In Nigeria

Crop producers are wailing and wary of their produce. The grazing of cattle in a sown farm: maize, groundnut, soybean, and other arable crops; have caused lots of havoc.

Commercial crop production is a huge and dicey investment; imagine after spending over six digits on land preparation alone, procurement of good seeds and planting, crop fertilization and protection; lots of cash have buried before the emergence of the first flower of the crop, not even the fruits to harvest. Some group of farmers, the herdsmen, will now unrepentantly allow their cattle to graze on the crops. It is unfair.

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Bee Pollination: Importance Of Bees In Global Food Production


I found this agent of pollination, bee, dead in my compound on a faithful morning and this question lingered through my mind:

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motivation strategies for farm employees


Where does the strength of your farm business or agribusiness lie?

Your Capital or Intellectual sagacity? No!

Your motivation strategies for your farm employees is the strength of your farm enterprise. It is very possible you materialize the best feasibility plan but still have a poor yield or complete loss of revenue. It all depends on how you manage your farm workers.

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  Urban Farm Academy (UFA) is the Nonprofit arm of Prudent Associates Agro-Industry, a Social Agritech Enterprise involved in beyond …

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 Agriculture is a diverse profession; the level of output varies directly to the level of input, provided other factors are …

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