6 Best Software For Farm Management

With the advent of technology, various software for farm management has been developed to help carry out crucial farm management tasks like record keeping, scheduling, and task allocation; making farming more lucrative and fascinating.

Agriculture has gone beyond the hoe and cutlass practice we used to have in the past. Technology has successfully meddled into agriculture and it is indeed making it easier and more interesting. Farm management used to be a herculean task; it entails monitoring input and output flows, the welfare of labor, record keeping, and other managerial functions. Quite tiring, isn’t it?

As a farm manager, using this farm management software will increase your farm’s reputation, reduce the cost of production, and make the operations more productive and easier to carry out. Some of this software is free to download while others require a token to get their service. To download the software and keep up with its updates, you need an internet connection. Get Xfinity internet for its reliability and seamless connectivity at affordable rates.

About the software for farm management

Here are 6 best software for farm management you can install on your device, either mobile or computer, for the increase in productivity of your farm work.

Cropio: From its name, you can deduce that this farm management software is specially designed for crop cultivation. Cropio is a satellite-enabled software that allows effective monitoring of the farm at one’s convenience. you can sit in the comfort of your home and get detailed information about the state of the crop on the field, the vegetation or soil condition, the current state or problematic areas on the farm, and accurate weather forecasts. This software is very sensitive to farm conditions. It greatly helps to reduce labor and the cost of getting crucial data for farm development. Visit www.cropio.com for details on pricing and installation of the software.

Farmbrite: Farmbrite is a multipurpose farm management software that can be used in both crop enterprises and livestock enterprises. This software provides precise details on farm animal welfare and health conditions; it tracks and records important information such as heat period and parturition date.  It is also very effective in planning, managing, and scheduling tasks. It also features a seed order estimator and provides current market reports; it facilitates buying and selling of farm produce online; helps to manage income and expenses, stores important contacts and other farm management activities. Visit www.farmbrite.com to get further information on pricing and installation.

Easy keeper: Are you a herd keeper? This software is for you. Easy Keeper is a livestock management software designed to aid in the running of a livestock farm. It allows you to get an up-to-date record of your farm through your mobile phone or computer anywhere around the world provided you are connected to the internet. It helps in keeping and generating performance record, scheduling of task and reminds you about future tasks to be carried out on the farm. To get the service of this software, visit www.easykeeper.comfor information on pricing and installation.

Agrivi: This is the most powerful farm management software that can be used in any farm enterprise. It is a software that helps a farmer achieve optimum productivity and an increase in profit, irrespective of the scale of production, through the provision of knowledge-based facts about the farm. Agrivi enables the farmer to manage farm resources, transaction, and overall farm performance proficiently; it monitors and provides accurate records of the farm that can be used in productive decision making. Based on the fact that it is built on basic agricultural knowledge and practices, it has the ability to detect defects or any problem on the farm like pest and disease detection. Agrivi is a complete software for farm management as it can be used to manage and monitor the progress of a farm on just a single click. For more information on pricing and installation, visit: www.agrivi.com

Crop tracker: Crop tracker is one of the best farm management software used for managing the productivity of a crop production enterprise. It helps farmer boost profit and productivity through the adequate keeping of records, data analysis, and performance tracking. It is a very sensitive software that tracks, record and analyzes all activities on the farm. it allows you to identify flaws, thereby making a substantial solution to curb any menace on the farm. visit: www.croptracker.comfor information on pricing and installation.

AgriXP farm logbook and weather: This is another multipurpose farm management software commonly called “The Field Logbook”. It can be used by crop farmers for tracking all field data. This software records all field data, export them PDF or Excel files for decision making and planning. This software has a weather report extension that provides you with an accurate weather report for cultivation and other weather-dependent farm works. It can also help to detect defects in crop and proffer likely solution to increase productivity. Visit: www.agrixp.comfor details on pricing and installation

These are software you can install to monitor, manage, record and analyze your farm performance. They are easy to use and provide accurate information about your farm that can be used in decision making and increase in productivity. Using this software makes farming more lucrative and enticing; it greatly reduces the cost of managerial labor and provides a more accurate and reliable result.

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