Download Practical-based Beekeeping PDF for Free

About beekeeping pdf book Download the beekeeping for beginner’s pdf book and get a more rigorous knowledge of the theories surrounding …

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Download Free Cattle Breeding Pdf Manual

Get the best knowledge in cattle rearing by downloading this beef cattle production and management pdf on this page. The …

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Download Free Biofertilizer Production PDF Book

Get all the skills needed in biofertilizer production from one of the best books on biofertilizer technology. This biofertilizer pdf …

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Download Greenhouse Farming PDF For Free

About the Greenhouse pdf Get the best knowledge in greenhouse management by downloading greenhouse technology pdf on this page. The …

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Introduction To Agricultural Economics PDF Download

Getting knowledge of Agricultural Economics can only be sufficient with this Introduction To Agricultural Economics Pdf. In this resource, you …

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Commercial Ugu Farming In Nigeria PDF (Fluted Pumpkin)

Ugu farming

If you are planning of planting Ugu this season, I recommend you get this Ugu farming PDF as it empowers you with basic and technical knowledge on the production practices for fluted pumpkin (Ugu). This commercial ugu farming in Nigeria PDF addresses several agronomic practices about Ugu production such as how to make ugu farm bed, the spacing of Ugu, fertilizer requirements of Ugu and best fertilizer for Ugu, staking of ugu to improve the quality of the leaves and the type of pesticides to use to protect pests on Ugu farm.

There are lots to be learnt about the propagation of fluted pumpkin (Ugu); this vegetable production is very lucrative as it makes up a regular household delicacy. This is an Ebook that shows how Ugu can be planted profitably with low cost.

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