How To Use Coconut Oil For Frizzy Hair Home Remedy

coconut oil for frizzy hair

The health of the hair is very important to an individual physical appearance. I am sure you would not want to appear weird; if yes, then the health of your hair must be a major priority. While the hair has its natural look, in texture and structure, other conditions may change the natural look of the air to other conditions, example is having frizzy hair.  

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Six Antibacterial Herbs For Skin You Should Try (With Pictures)

Types Of Plants Used To Treat Skin Diseases

Various skin diseases abound in the world today and it has become an issue of medical concern because it affects people of all ages – from newborns to the aging adults and the effects range from mild to severe harm in different ways and patterns. Since the skin is an essential part of the human body, it is very crucial to keep the skin healthy to ensure an overall healthy body.

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How To Prepare Coconut Oil And Baking Soda Face Wash

baking soda and coconut oil for face

It is not a new sight when we notice the presence of baking soda and coconut oil in the kitchen since both are used for culinary purposes. But in recent times, these two have been used for a different purpose – as ingredients for homemade natural beauty products.  Making use of a combination of coconut oil and baking soda for facial scrub or moisturizer is one of the best choices anyone could ever make. These are safe, healthy, natural, and usable for all skin types compared to the chemical-based ones.

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Medicinal Plants And Traditional Plants In Africa

African Traditional Herbs

The sum of knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to different cultures that are used to maintain health, as well as to prevent, diagnose, improve, or treat physical and mental illnesses is known as traditional medicine. Complementary or alternative medicine is the traditional medicine adopted by other people outside their indigenous culture.

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Six (6) Medicinal Plants Used In Treatment Of Cancer

Plant Used For Cancer Treatment

Cancer has become one of the major problems and diseases which have caused predominant deaths; it surpasses deaths from heart diseases. Cancer is considered to be a lifetime risk for patients. Cancer is a group of about 100 diseases. It is characterized by two things: no control for the growth of cancer cells, and the ability of the cancer cells to transfer from the original site to different parts of the body.

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8 Medicinal Plants Which Purify Air

Medicinal Plants That Purify Air

Pure and fresh air is gradually becoming a luxury, with environmental pollution rapidly depleting the quality of air, both outdoors and indoors. Major cities are plagued with smog and other pollutants from vehicles, power plants, and factories. While masks and other protection means can provide us relief when we step outside, caution is also required for indoors.

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Three (3) Air-Purifying Plants You Should Have Around Your House

Naturally, plants induce some cool and serene sensation around their environment; although, plants are known to supply the earth oxygen required for sustaining everything that lives on the earth’s surface. Aside from carrying out this primary function, some plants actually purify the air in their surroundings.

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Organika Full Spectrum Plant Enzymes: Dosage And User Guide

The Full Spectrum Plant Enzymes is the natural solution to better digestion of the foods and absorption of the available nutrients in the food.

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10 Ways Of Using Raw Honey For General Wellness Of The Body

manuka honey

Raw honey is one of the essential commodities every household must have on their shelves. The health benefits of raw honey cannot be exhausted; it has been confirmed to have several health benefits such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and other biological functions. Only raw honey like manuka honey can serve these benefits as intended. The medicinal uses of honey need to be mentioned as honey has a lot of therapeutic properties, such as prevention and control of tuberculosis, low sperm counts, ulcers, wounds, and sores; Honey is fantastic for fighting acne and various skin infection.

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How To Treat Malaria Naturally Using Neem Fruits

Nature has really been kind to man. There are several creatures created for the betterment of humans. One of such is this fruit.

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