This Tool Can Control Monkeys, Birds, And Rodent Pests On Your Farm

Farmer’s most important pests are monkeys, birds, rodents and other vertebrate pests. These pests do not only reduce the quality of crop but they greatly reduce the quantity of the yield. They cause direct damage to crops.

Monkeys are known to be a very ominous pest in plantain and banana farm, likewise, birds threaten rice, maize, and other cereal crop production. These are staple crops that are consumed widely by the populace.

Several techniques and methods of pest control have been devised to control these pests but these techniques have been mastered by these pests and do not work as effective as it is supposed to any longer.

However, with this sound rodent pest control tool, you can be sure monkeys, birds, and other rodent pests would be greatly disturbed and eventually evacuate your farm.

This tool is a wind-powered sound pest control tool. It has the ability to control monkeys, birds, and rodents from farms. Watch how it operates below before you proceed to learn its construction and how it can be used effectively.

 It is made from local and readily available materials, such as:

  • Bamboo
  • Cylindrical tins
  • Nail
  • Shaft
  • Gong or iron stroke
  • Metal blades.

This pest control tool can be constructed locally using the aforementioned materials.

How The Sound Pest Control Tool Works

This simple rodent pest control tool is powered by wind. The metal blade is made to rotate at any level depending on the speed of the wind; this makes the shaft to rotate. As the shaft rotates, it powers the gong to rotate and hit the cylindrical tin behind the pole to produce sound at different pitches depending on the speed of the blades.

The beauty of this technique is, the pitch of the sound is not regular or the same at all times; hence, the pests, monkeys, birds or any other rodents cannot master the sound and how it operates. Therefore, the pests are alerted and become disturbed at different pitches of the sound.

At the high pitch, it indicates danger and makes the pests abscond from the farm. This tool models the presence of people and high level of activities on the farm any period of the day.

This tool can control monkeys, birds and other rodent pests on your farm. It brings some form of unrest to the pests and keeps the crops safe from the mischievous hands of monkeys, birds and other rodents.

I feel this is a good initiative and it is worth sharing as much as possible to help farmers control monkeys, birds and other rodents on plantain, maize, rice and other cereal crops on the farm.  

Remember to share and let other farmers benefit from this creativity.

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