Dog Ate Potting Soil: Reasons and Potential Risks

what to do when dog ate potting soil

Your dog may have swallowed potting soil as it roams in the garden. Truly, the smell of potting soil may …

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Dogs Being Picky With Food: Causes and Solution

picky eater dog

Dogs often become picky with their food out of the blue. It could be something in their environment, or it …

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My Dog Died After Heartworm Treatment? Possible Causes

Dog with Heartworm disease

Dogs like other pets are susceptible to external and intestinal parasite infestations as they grow. It is a common practice …

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Dapp Vaccine For Dogs: Usage, Dosage, and Cost

Vaccines are the best way to prevent your dog from getting sick. One of the core vaccines for dogs is …

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How To Care For A 5 Week Old Pitbull Puppy

A pit bull puppy is a bundle of joy. They are energetic and playful, and they are always eager to …

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My Dog Just Ate Some Plastic: The Dangers & What to Do Fast

My Dog Just Ate Some Plastic

Plastic has become ubiquitous in modern life, and dogs increasingly encounter opportunities to eat plastic items. Dogs are naturally inquisitive …

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Normal Heart Rate For Small Dog & How To Check Heart Rate

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so do their hearts, and they usually have heart rates that vary greatly. …

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Worms in Dogs Poop Treatment: Diagnosis & Prevention

If you’ve ever noticed your dog poop is contaminated with worms, you may be worried about what you’ll do to …

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