Dogs Being Picky With Food: Causes and Solution

Dogs often become picky with their food out of the blue. It could be something in their environment, or it could be a reaction to something new that they ate or drank. The good news is that there are some easy ways to help your dog get back on track with eating healthy and tasty food again.

dog being picky eater all of a sudden

Why Dogs Become Suddenly a Picky Eater

The causes of a dog being a picky eater all of a sudden vary from individual to individual. Generally, dogs that have a hearty appetite are less likely to become picky eaters than others.

#1. Underlying Health Issues

Your dog’s appetite can be a clue to an underlying health problem, especially if it suddenly stops eating anything that was previously safe for it.

Your dog may also be vomiting. Acute vomiting usually lasts a day or two, chronic vomiting occurs more frequently and can be prolonged. Chronic vomiting can result in loss of weight, pain, and depression. This contributes to the dog suddenly becoming a picky eater.

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#2. Behavioral Issues

Behavioral conditions may be responsible for these changes. Food allergies are also common causes of pickiness in dogs, although your dog may just be avoiding certain foods for the time being. The good news is that your dog will eventually grow out of this stage.

#2. Change in Routine

Changes in routine, such as a new family member or puppy, can stress a dog out and make him picky about food. Some dogs have a natural tendency to be picky, but others are more finicky than others. If your dog has recently started refusing to eat anything, it’s time to consult a veterinarian.

#3. Lack of appetite

Lack of appetite is a symptom of a variety of conditions including an indication of digestive problems. Aside from the medications for the dog’s digestive disorders, give the dog a high-fiber diet and increase its water intake. These can help the digestive tract work better, which will help make your dog more comfortable when eating.

#4. Type/Brand of Feed

Your dog may be very picky with food, and you may need to rotate brands of dog food or introduce new ones. If you notice your dog is becoming increasingly picky about what he eats, consider switching brands of food or a different protein source.

While you might want your dog to eat more variety, a change in diet may be just what your dog needs to stay healthy. Changing brands and protein sources can help a picky dog learn to like new foods. In the meantime, you’ll feel much better knowing that you made the right decision.

In addition, treats may also be the culprit in making your dog picky eater. Too many treats are bad for your dog’s digestion. If you overfeed treats, your dogs are more likely to ignore their food bowl and reject it altogether. In such a case, your best option is to cut back on the treats or even remove them entirely from your dog’s diet.

#5. Change Food Abruptly

A simple cause for a dog’s finicky behavior could be as simple as a change of diet. While you are considering switching foods, try introducing a new one gradually, or alternate the type of food your dog eats.

Be sure to introduce new foods gradually, so your dog gets used to the new taste. You can also offer your dog a healthy snack to keep him full without compromising their health. When a dog suddenly becomes a picky eater, the reason could be the newly introduced food.

Solutions To Dogs Being Picky With Food

When your dog suddenly becomes picky with foods, it could be as a result of the aforementioned reasons. That said, there are strategies to revive the eating habits of your dog to its best form. You should try any of the options listed below:

1. Try Different Quality Dog Food

Introducing different flavors can help your dog regain its appetite. To begin with, mix dry and wet food or switch between dry and wet food. Make the change gradually, as your dog may experience a stomach upset from the switch.

You can also introduce food from human sources. Try mixing plain chicken and fish with steamed or boiled sweet potatoes or butternut squash. Adding pumpkin or squash to your dog’s diet may also help curb your pet’s dietary issues.

2. Try Hand-feeding Your Dog

If the food isn’t appealing, try hand-feeding your dog. It’s also a good idea to take your dog to the vet for a proper diagnosis. Also, remember to give your dog the same meal as you would for yourself, as sharing your dinner will only lead to more anxiety for your dog.

3. Visit The Veterinarian

Some dogs are just not as interested in food as other dogs. While this isn’t always a cause of picky eating, it is still necessary to see your vet. Your dog might have an underlying physical issue. Symptoms of such conditions include lethargy, limping, and inappetence.

In any case, your veterinarian can perform tests to determine whether your dog is allergic to a certain food or is simply not interested in eating what is being offered. A vet can also recommend an elimination diet for your pooch to determine what may be causing his or her food pickiness.

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End Notes

If your dog has suddenly become very picky, it could be a sign of a health or behavioral problem. Occasionally, this behavior is a character trait, like how we humans might be picky about certain ingredients or tastes.

In this case, it would be wise to consult your veterinarian to diagnose the cause of your dog’s pickiness and determine the appropriate course of treatment. In addition to food allergies, other causes of picky eating can be as simple as a change in your dog’s diet.

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