How To Prepare Tagiri To Cure Newcastle Disease In Chickens (Pictures)

One of the deadly poultry diseases is Newcastle disease. This disease affects chickens of all ages but more prominent in chickens under 6 weeks of age. There are vaccines developed to prevent Newcastle disease at different ages; however, in organic poultry farming where the use of vaccines and synthetic drugs is completely detested, herbs are used to achieve the desired health condition of the chickens.

The picture above is the Tagiri fruit. It is circular in shape and has originally green colour with patched whitish cream colour around it as seen below. It is found on the vine of its plant. Tagiri is one of the Yoruba herbs with copious health benefits to livestock. Research has shown that Tagiri fruit is highly effective at controlling and preventing poultry birds from Newcastle disease.

Tagiri plant is creepy in nature; it can be found in the tropical or sub-tropical areas in Nigeria. For those that are not familiar with its the Yoruba name, its common name is Christmas melon; either Tagiri or Christmas melon, you are referring o the same plant.

However, for you outside Nigeria reading this article but these names Tagiri and Christmas melon, are alien to you, do not be discouraged, the botanical name of Tagiri is Laganaria breviflorus. This is universally accepted; you can identify this plant by submitting its botanical name in any botanical institution or University research institutes.

 Step-by-step processes for Tagiri extract preparation


For organic poultry farmers or conventional poultry farmers interested in finding ways to reduce the cost of production by cutting expenses on poultry drugs and vaccines, here is a glad tiding to you as Tagiri fruit (Christmas fruit) can be used to prevent and control  Newcastle disease and other deadly poultry diseases.

The processes involved in preparing Tagiri extract for chickens is quite simple and easy to follow; I implore you to follow these processes keenly to get the best out of this herb.

  • Wash the Tagiri fruit (Christmas melon) thoroughly to ensure it is free from sand or dust residue.
  • Peel the Tagiri fruit (Christmas melon) as if you are peeling orange to expose its mesocarp
  • Slice the peeled Tagiri fruit (Christmas melon) into four or more pieces to aid fermentation.
  • Weigh the sliced Tagiri fruit (Christmas melon) cuts and add water at a ratio of 1:2; I mean if the fruit weighs 1kg, add two liters of water to attain the proper concentration or dosage.
  • Next is the fermentation process. Pour the water and the Tagiri fruit (Christmas melon) cuts into a bigger container with a lid. Cover the lid tightly and place in a safe place for fermentation to take place. Ferment the Tagiri fruit (Christmas melon) for 7days.
  • After 7 days, strain the mixture with a sieve to separate the liquid and solid portion.
  • Collect the liquid portion into different containers and store for use.

This is how to make Tagiri fruit extract for preventing and controlling Newcastle disease in poultry birds.

Christmas melon or Tagiri extract Dosage

Just like how you administer the Newcastle disease vaccine, you can use the Christmas melon or Tagiri extract as a preventive measure for Newcastle disease. Similarly, this herbal extract can also be used for the treatment of Newcastle disease. Mind you, prevention is better than cure.

  • For prevention: Add 10ml of the Tagiri extract to one liter of water weekly.
  • For treatment: Add 30ml of the Tagiri extract to one liter of water; serve your chickens daily for 5 days consecutively.

Christmas melon or Tagiri fruit has no toxic or detrimental effects on your birds instead it helps reduce mortality and keep your birds healthy. It is a must-have recipe for organic poultry farming.

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    • Boss please yourself, I am an experienced farmer and all these scientific crap people keep referring to means nothing to me, this plant ACTUALLY CURES NEWCASTLE. I have used it so many years for colleagues and for my farm, it has never occured because I use it as preventive. I am an organic farmer anyway

  1. Pls for those of us in the northern Nigeria where can we get tagiri melon and how is it called in hausa language.


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